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Bookstore Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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Used Books

Condition rating range poor, fair, good, great, pristine

Aeon Journals                    Mostly complete set of 30
1          Set of 28        Great Aeon Press                                                             $300.00

Age of Velikovsky, the                              C.J. Ransom
1          Hardback     Good Kronos                                                                       $ 30.00
1          Paperback     Good Dell/Delta                                                                $ 25.00

Earth in Upheaval                          Immanuel Velikovsky
1          Hardrback     Good Doubleday                                                                $ 50.00
2          Paperback     Good Dell                                                                           $ 20.00

Kronos Journals                            Most of complete set
1          Each issue                Great Kronos Press                                              $ 15.00

Memories and Visions of Paradise
2           Hardback         Good −                                                                                $25.00
1           Paperback        Good −                                                                                $20.00

Oedipus and Akhnaton                            Immanuel Velikovsky
1          Hardback       Great Doubleday                                                              $ 50.00
1          Paperback     Good Pocket books                                                         $ 25.00

Pensee Journals                            Complete set of 10
1          Hardbinder set          Great                                                                       $200.00
10        Non-bound set         Great −                                                                       $150.00

Peoples of the Sea
1          Hardback       Great Doubleday                                                              $ 45.00

Ramses II and His Time
1          Hardback       Great Doubleday                                                              $ 45.00

The Velikovskian Journals, Vol. 1, 2 , 3, 4 (16 issues)          Charles Ginenthal
1          Set      Good                                                                                             $125.00

Velikovsky Reconsidered                        Pensee editors
1          Hardback     Good Doubleday                                                                 $ 25.00

Worlds in Collision                                    Immanuel Velikovsky
3          Hardback       Fair Macmillan                                                                   $ 30.00
3          Paperbacks   Good Pocket Books                                                         $ 20.00

You must sum up the total cost and then choose the appropriate number of each of the S&H charges below, and then order the appropriate amounts of each charge. When after the first charge ordered and you need to add a different charge, the online store system will send you to the general products page and you can then scroll to the bottom and find the charges listed again.

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Shipping and handling charge policy

For USA, select Media Mail S&H $5.00 for total order.
For USA, default Priority Mail S&H $10.00 for total order.

For non-USA S&H, add "one charge" per each book:
Canada/Mexico   $30.00 (Canadian Priority mail)
       Foreign   $35.00 (Global Priority Mail)

Example: Foreign S&H per 2 books would be $70.00

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