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The new religion of modern mythology

"The Truth Will Set You Free"


Exposing the soft underbelly of the "True Believers"

Scientism: the practice of pseudo-science where personal, political, financial, and egotistic factors override the scientific method and the open, questioning attitude of true science to form a closed, institutionalized environment.  It is characterized by a defensive and religiose atmosphere of paranoia toward new and well-supported challenges and understandings.

We define a follower of scientism as as a person with a closed, uncritical, unwarranted faith in the current establishment theories.

Mainstream science has a cadre of militant "true believers" that can be characterized as having adopted current or popular theories as a religion.  These scientistic storm-troopers have taken upon themselves the mantle of crusaders against any effective heresy.  They don't generally get exercised over just any crackpot challenge; it must present a perceived real threat to their faith.

The technical proficiency of the engineers that accomplish the space exploration missions is quite impressive, and that must be acknowledged. However, the results that come back from these probes often times almost elicit disbelief in the theoretical scientists that design the mission experiments and sensor equipment.

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A good article about how scientific theory is protected even if it is wrong or misleading:

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