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Current EU Understanding of Redshift

It seems people are having difficulty in finding or understanding the EU position on crucially important topics such as intrinsic redshift. The EU centers on Halton Arp's seminal research and answers the questions raised in the last pages of his book, Seeing Red. The quantization of redshift shows that the effect is due to the state of the emitting matter. As Arp says, the masses of the subatomic particles themselves must be lower than measured on Earth—much lower when we see quasars ejected at a good fraction of the speed of light from AGNs.

A quasar is formed from matter ejected by a central galactic dense plasma focus, which traps electrons more efficiently than protons. So quasars are born electron deficient. However, as the quasar moves away from its parent it is followed by a jet containing increasing numbers of electrons. As the quasar attracts electrons the polarization of matter in the quasar increases and the masses of subatomic particles in the quasar adopt successive, more massive, resonant (quantum) states. Hence the observed quantized redshift, increasing brightness, and deceleration of the quasar due to its increasing mass.

A high-redshift quasar in front of a low redshift galaxy shows that what happens to the light between the quasar and us is of no consequence for redshift.

Notice that the EU explanation doesn't require any metaphysical expanding universe or mystical zero-point vacuum energy.

What's more, it explains the lower energy of supernovae in high-redshift galaxies without invoking more Nobel Prize winning ad hocery like dark energy.



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