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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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Science & Philosophy article/video links

"Science can be seen as a noble effort to bring humans out of
superstition, but it has spawned its own high-end mythology."

What is Time?   A video presentation on the true nature of "time"

Cultural Shock Carryforward   A video presentation on the effect from the ancient catastrophes

Cosmological Philosophy - New Electric Universe Paradigm Articles

Nature and Definition of Time
New paradigm philosophical article on the nature and reality of what we mean by the word "time". Currently, "time" is reified by scientist-speculators as an actual dimension of what is called the space-time continuum. Author uses a very clear, yet painstaking approach to sorting out the issue.

Nature and Definition of Space
New paradigm philosophical article on the nature of what we mean by the word "space". Currently, "space" is reified by scientist-speculators as an actual physical reality instead of a mental construct such as zero or infinity. Author again uses a very careful, clear, and convincing approach to sorting out the issue.

Neutrinos and the Aether
New paradigm philosophical article on why accepting an aether is axiomatic, and why the EU thinking is that it is composed of all but empty basic packets of matter called neutrinos, with a vanishingly small amount of internal mass/energy and dipolarity.

The Aether Support for Force Fields
New paradigm philosophical article on the concrete material support for "force fields", and a simple and elegant explanation for why the force intensity falls off with some factor of distance.

Prof. Herbert Dingle on Relativity Theory
A fundamental and fatal challenge to Relativity Theory raised by Professor Herbert Dingle in his book Science at the Crossroads published in 1972.

How Philosophy Relates to Other Disciplines
A short article on how philosophy relates to other disciplines.

Zen . . . And the Art of Debunkery A great article on the state of "Scientism" and scientistic debunkery.


The ancient Greek word "hypocrisy " meant below critical thinking or judgment, and the word "hypocrite" was used for puppets and actors, who are following a script and therefore operating below their own critical judgment on the content of their action or speech.

Would you like to become familiar with the various ways that hypocrisy enters into debates and discussions? Check out:
Invalid argument techniques   A comprehensive list with definitions of invalid argument terms and techniques that are used to divert dialogue about, discussion of, or the search for the truth.

4 laws of valid thought  A list with explanations of the 4 laws of thought.

The nature and importance of belief, falsity versus truth.

Distinctions Between Intellectuals and Pseudo-Intellectuals Kudos to Sydney Harris of the Detroit Free Press for knowing, organizing and publishing these important distinctions.

Can We Agree?  A list of questions that might help improve discussion and generate more light and less heat.

ISEEC Knowledge Types  The five categories of knowledge and their descending level of reliability.

The Challenge for Modern Philosophy

Fundamental Reification by the prevailing "science"

An important article regarding the Stephen Hawking affair:
published under this license:

Superstition and Myth versus Intellectual Responsibility

The Science versus Religion Hoax

The difference between Ethics and Morality and how they merge within enlightened self-interest.

Thoughts on the Ground of Creativity

The Impertinence of Preachers and Theologians

The Apotheosis of Existentialism and the Lack of Meaning

The Human Condition of Change, Religious Diversity and Instability

Thoughts on the Paradigm of Solipsism

Thoughts on the Nature of Fear

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