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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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The Electric Sky
This book by Don Scott, a member of the Thunderbolts.info group, is 256 pages of powerful material that introduces the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology. Dr. Scott is a retired professor of Electrical Engineering and he destroys the sensational and fantastical constructs of "gravity only" cosmology, replacing them with very lucid explanations of the electric sun and stars, as well as other astral phenomena.

The book contains sensible science for the experts written for the public, and represents the first substantial public exposition of the latest developments in the Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology. The chapters in the book cover the history of EU/plasma cosmology, the electric sun in depth, Arp’s findings on redshift and the implications for quasars, galaxies, and gamma ray bursters. Professor Scott gives a simple yet compelling electrical explanation for the solar magnetic polarity reversal, something that hitherto has been particularly baffling. A must read!

For complete information including Preface and Chapter 1 see: The Electric Sky info

www.stickmanonstone.com      $25.00

Lecture on the Electric Universe Cosmology

For the last several centuries, belief in a clockwork Solar System and gradual continuous evolution has come to dominate the theoretical sciences.  The work of Kepler and Newton showed one explanations of why the planets travel on their smoothly elliptical paths about the Sun.  Astronomers thus thought that gravity alone ruled the heavens.  But, for the last 100 years, the experimentally verifiable results of electrical science have been offering simpler explanations for the new things we are now seeing in the sky.  Doubts about long-accepted astronomical theories are growing fast.

Now mounting data from NASA and other space exploration agencies indicates the role that electricity plays in the universe on a macro scale. This is due to the flood of unequivocal evidence supporting the "Electric Universe," a new paradigm in the sciences that was first propounded by many giants of science in the past and is now expanded upon by electrical and plasma scientists who are challenging long held astronomical dogma.  This new cosmology is based on the work of a series of Nobel Prize winners – it is soundly based real science, not ad hoc invention.

A crescendo of dramatic findings from the new radio, x-ray, and infrared telescopes and ongoing space exploration is now certain to change the way we see the physical world and our own planetary history. (For example, the findings of astronomer Halton Arp, published in Quasars, Redshifts, and Controversies and Seeing Red, have already removed the underpinnings of modern cosmology and the Big Bang theory, and there is much more to come.). The plasma cosmology developed by Nobel laureat Hannes Alfvén is being largely confirmed. The “Deep Impact” mission by NASA produced information that astounded the project cometologists, yet these key findings were predicted by the Thunderbolts group to which author/lecturer Donald Scott belongs.

Today we stand on the threshold of a new and deeper under-standing of a more holistic and truly scientific paradigm of what we see when we look out into the sky from earth. This holistic "big picture" answers many of the great mysteries and paradoxes left by orthodox theories, without resorting to mathematical mysticism and ad hoc fictions.

The Lectures

In light of the recent publication of The Electric Sky – A Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy and the mounting evidence supporting the electric/plasma model, we are offering a lecture service for groups that want to learn more about this groundbreaking model. The following lecture has been prepared for presentation:

1.   The Electric Sky model of cosmology
This presentation covers a wide range of evidence for the Electric / Plasma Universe Model and reflects on fundamental implications. These include the collapse of the Big Bang model based on the Redshift=Distance assumption, the overpowering of the influence of gravity when electrical forces come into play, and the possible replacement of the internal thermonuclear furnace providing energy for the sun and stars:

  • How did “cosmology” get started? Who was the first astronomer to “get it right”? What happened around 1900 to cause a schism between standard astro-physics and the new plasma cosmology.  Why doesn’t everyone agree that electricity is present in space?

  • The new tools astronomers now use to observe the sky.  How do astronomers judge which theories and observations are correct? Why is the present view outmoded?

  • Electrical stars and galaxies:  Are neutron stars, black-holes, dark energy, missing matter, and warped space real entities – or are they fairie dust – excuses for the failure of standard astrophysical models? How do we know?

  • The physical evidence: Our Sun’s atmosphere; comets; cratering on planets and moons; space probes near the heliopause, plasma models of galaxy rotation.

  • The Big Bang: Is it True or False? And why.  Redshift and Halton Arp’s images. WMAP results challenge the BB.  Young matter is ighter.

  • So what?  Why should I care?  How does this scientific revolution affect me?  What can be done to restore a truly scientific attitude in astronomy.

The Lecturer

Donald E. Scott earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. Following graduation he worked for General Electric in Schenectady, NY, and Pittsfield, MA. He earned a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts, and was a member of the faculty of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst from 1959 until his retirement in 1998. During that time he was the recipient of several good-teaching awards. He was, at various times, Assistant Department Head, Director of the undergraduate program, Graduate admissions coordinator, and Director of the College of Engineering’s Video Instructional Program.

In 1987, the McGraw-Hill Book Company published his 730-page textbook, An Introduction To Circuit Analysis – A Systems Approach. He has authored numerous scientific papers and chapters.  He is a lifelong amateur astronomer. Some of the author’s images of astronomical objects can be viewed at:  http://members.cox.net/dascott2/ImageList.html

Dr. Scott has been giving lectures, one of which was given to NASA at the Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. There was a good turnout, and the lecture was well received.

Arrangements and Pricing


The lecture service format and pricing is structured to accommodate both small and large groups. Pricing for larger groups includes base rate plus 20% of the attendance fee for every participant beyond the first 50.


You must arrange that a suitable facility with a projection screen be provided. Travel expenses and lodging for the speaker(s) must be paid in advance for confirmation. Promotional-Informational brochures are available at cost from Mikamar Publishing.

Scheduling requirements include 50% payment of base rate two weeks prior to the event and the balance upon completion.


Base rates

  • Single lecture single day –- 2 hrs + question time $750.00 plus Travel (if outside the Phoenix, AZ area) and Lodging.

  • Other formats by arrangement.

Call Michael Armstrong of Mikamar Publishing at:
email Michael Armstrong at: michael@mikamar.biz
for questions, scheduling, and arrangements.

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