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Book Info

Pillars of the Past Volume III is a soft cover book of 624 pages published by The Velikovskian in 2010, and contains a wealth of information gathered on the subject of chronology.

This third volume of the series completes the scientific and technological appraisal of the chronology of the ancient Near East. It also examines Immanuel Velikovsky's catastrophic hypothesis and chronology to show how his thesis fits in with that of the short chronology presented in the previous two volumes. It connects the chronology of Egypt with that of the Hebrews as well as with the Assyrians, Greeks, Mitanni, Old Babylonians, and the civilizations of the Aegean. It correlates the movements of domesticated animals from different regions to and from Egypt to tie these chronologies together. It shows that Magan, Meluhha, and Dilmun can be identified with regions that historians have been unable to place, and it examines how the Sea Peoples, the Sealand people, and the Second Sealand Dynasty are all related directly to the Greeks. It further examines the climate changes and catastrophes Velikovsky presented that correlate with the short chronologies of Gunnar Heinsohn, Lynn E. Rose, and Emmet J. Sweeney.

Importantly, it examines biblical history as it fits into the short chronology based on astronomical evidence. A wealth of linguistic and alphabetic materials shows and allows us to understand that the forensic historical evidence makes the history of the Hebrews valid for the divided monarchy down to Persian and Hellenistic times. In this way, the sojourn of Israel in Egypt is shown to be, as some have suggested, the Hyksos period. The Exodus is outlined in such a way that it explains why the civilization in Palestine developed largely around and after the Exodus. All this and a great deal more is presented in this culminating volume of Near Eastern Chronology. Beyond this, other revisionist historians' chronologies are examined and their inadequacies exposed. The "Last Words" conclusion shows how incapable historians and archaeologists are of accepting scientific facts that deny all they have presented regarding the established chronology.


Charles Ginenthal is the author of Pillars of the Past Volumes I & II, Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky and The Extinction of the Mammoth. and co-author of Stephen J. Gould and Immanuel Velikovsky. He has published papers in the journals AEON, Meta Research Bulletin and The Velikovskian. He has also contributed to Proceeding of the Immanuel Velikovsky Centennial 1895-1995, just published. His work appears in ABA the Glory and the Torment The Life of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, written by Velikovsky's daughter Ruth Velikovsky Sharon, Ph.D. He has also contributed to the book, Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation, with distinguished authors as Robert Anton Wilson and William S. Burroughs. He has presented papers at both national and international conferences on Catastrophism and was the editor-in-chief of the journal The Velikovskian. He resides in Forest Hills, New York.


Preface The Velikovsky Pillar

Part 1  Egypt
Chapter 1 Egyptian Prehistory, Chronology, Climate, and Catastrophism

Pole Shift
The Afro-Asiatic Languages, Climate, and Chronology in Prehistory
Years of Darkness

Chapter 2 The Chronology of the Nubian/25th Dynasty
Chapter 3 Identity and Chronology of the Peoples of the Sea
Philology and Linguistics
Iron Weapons
Weapons, Armor, and Helmets of the Pereset and Sea Peoples
The Ships of the Sea Peoples
The Medinet Habu Temple and Chronology
The Sealand/Sea Country People and Chronology
The Second Sealand Dynasty and Chronology

Chapter 4 The Hyksos
Tin, Weapons, and Chariots
The Hyksos Language
The Akkadian, Assyrian, Hyskos Ancient Industrial Revolution
The Hyksos, domesticated Animals, and Chronology
The Cat and Assyrian/Hyksos Chronology
The Zebu and Hyksos/Akkadian/Assyrian Chronology
The Chicken and Hyksos Chronology
The Horse and Hyksos/Akkadian/Assyrian Chronology
The Horse, Catastrophism, and Chronology
Akkadians/Hyksos/Assyrians and Magan, Meluhha, Dilmun and Chronology

Chapter 5 The 12th Dynasty, Sothic Dating, Skeptics, Revisionists, and Evidence
David Rohl, Peter James, etal., and Astronomical Dating
Daphne Chappell's Critique and Evidence
Chappell and the 12th and 18th Dynasties: Technology and Chronology
Agronomy and the Chronology of the 12 Dynasty

Chapter 6 The First Intermediate Period. A Dark Age, and Chronology
The Hyksos Second Intermediate Period is the First Intermediate Period

Part 2  Palestine
Chapter 7 The Bible and Chronology
The Failure of Biblical Archaelogy
Biblical Archaeology ca. 1900-1970: The Rise of the Albright School
The Fall of the Albright School
Science, Technology, and Biblical Chronology
Philistines Dated to Persian Times
Biblical Dark Ages
Climate Change, the Pig, the Camel, and Chronology
Genetics and Biblical Chronology

Chapter 8 The Alphabet and Hebrew Chronology
The Ugarit Abeceday
The Domesticated Camel and Ugarit's Chronology
Tin, Iron, and the Chronology of Ugarit
Ugarit Astronomy and Chronology
Archaeology and the Hebrew Alphabet
Transmission of the Alphabet to Greece

Chapter 9 A Tentative Biblical Chronology
Looking for David and Solomon
Hatshepsut, the Queen of Sheba, and the Location of Punt
Puntites: Africans of Semites?
The Fauna of Punt
The Flora of Punt
The Red Sea Route to Punt
The Camel and the Location of Pun
Incense Dark Ages of Egypt

Chapter 10 The Eight Century Catastrophe, Floods, and Chronology
The Mesopotamian Flood
The Indus Flood
The Eighth Century B.C. Flood in China
Earthquakes, Floods, Climate, and Chronology
The Earthquake Evidence
The Hyksos Expulsion and the Exodus Catatrophe

Chapter 11 The Indo-European Language, Climate Change, and Chronology in Prehistory
Climete Change: Aridification Across Asia
Last Words


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