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About Metamorphic Star

This 7-1/2"x10" 334 page book continues Cardona's fresh, big-picture canvass of the lack of coherence in the current geological, palaeontological, biological, anthropological, and astro-physical findings and models. Not to mention that his model integrates the ancient mythologies from around the globe.

Astrophysicists have noted various problems with the formation of planets out of circumstellar disks, but mainstream scientists continue to promulgate such creations as if the problems do not exist.

Again we say, various theories have been proposed in an effort to get to the bottom of the above conundrums, but their sheer number, to say nothing of the contradictions they end up piling on each other, tends to hurl them all into a veritable gladiatorial arena from which none of them has so far escaped unscathed.

Following on the heels of its three prequels, God Star, Flare Star, and Primordial Star, and in keeping with the spirit of Occam's razor and looking at the big picture, what the present work does is to continue the development of the unifying theme that resolves so many mysteries.

At the bottom of it all is the growing realization among astronomers that our Solar System could not have originated as the self-sustained family of planets it presently is but that some of the Suns' children were actually adopted. And while it was never by any means an orphaned world, one of those adopted children was our own mother Earth.

Review Remarks

In an age of specialization, bounded vision, and narrowed focus, the author of Metamorphic Star and its prequels, continues to flesh out a coherent big-picture concerning ancient times. He amasses and organizes even more substantial amounts of referenced and relevant information that allows him to effectively but gently excoriate modern academia and its dedication to unworkable theories of Solar System and planetary development.

This author shows that mainstream large-scale geological paradigms are woefully inadequate by appealing to formations and patterns that preclude them. He also shows that cosmologists have eschewed recent Solar System rearrangement and look mainly for support for its uniformitarian theories while indulging a penchant for papering over and ignoring anomalies that preclude this paradigmatic approach. He shows that these schemes are a denial of far too many cosmological, geological, and archaeological findings, a great many of which are chronicled in the book and which reveal a distinctly different and troubled ancient past for the Earth and its human passengers. 

About the Author

Dwardu Cardona was born, raised, and educated in Malta, Europe, from where he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Less than a year later, in mid-1960, he became involved in the study of catastrophism and the reconstruction of the Solar System’s cosmic history. He has, since than, acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as a Senior Editor for the same periodical. He helped in the publication of the journal AEON from 1992 to 1994, and served as its Editor from 1995 to 2006. He was a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (now defunct), and has acted as a consultant on mythology and cosmogony for Chronology and Catastrophism Review, which is the official organ of the British-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He has also acted as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos.

As a writer, Cardona has now published well over a hundred articles in various periodicals, most of them on the subjects covered in his present series of books.  He has additionally lectured at the University of Bergamo, in Italy, and at various organizations in Canada, the United States, and England. He is the author of three previous volumes, God Star, Flare Star, and Primordial Star, which actually form the prequels to this present work Metamorphic Star. He presently makes his home, together with his wife, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Chapter 1
The Cosmic Past 1
The Dawn of Antiquity 3
Geomythology 6
Celestial Debris 9
Sky Falls 11
Astral Myths 13
Divinities 16
Euhemerism 18
Astrogeography 20
Chapter 2
Religion’s Origins 22
Fear and trembling 29
Divine Diversity 30
Planetary Nomenclature 31
The Proto-Saturnian Primacy 34
Saturn’s Universality 37
Deistic Designation 40
Chapter 3
Ab Initio
Sovereign God and Planet 43
Standing Still in Heaven 44
Directional Portrayal 51
Earth’s North Celestial Polar Sun 53
The Dimmer Light Environment 57
The Sub-Stellar Identity 58
Rising and Setting 60
Chapter 4
Time Zero
Transitional Disks 64
Star of the Sea 65
Designative Identities 66
Lord of the Violent Wind 67
Intense Auroral Events 71
Sustained Axial Discharges 83
The Phallic Deity 91
Divine Penal Withdrawal 94
A Time Devoid of Time 94
Chapter 5
Day One
Newcomers in an Alien System 97
The Plasmaspheric Envelope 104
Heliospheric Contact 105
The Fiat Lux 107
Inundation 111
The Greening of the Land 114
First Interlude 115
Chapter 6
Blow Outs
Order Out of Chaos 120
The Voiding of the Water 121
The Unburdening of Earth’s Atmosphere 123
Mother Earth in Heat 125
Chapter 7
The Interglacials
Temperature Reversal s 129
The Blytt-Sernander Sequence 129
The Oldest Dryas 130
The Bølling-Allerød 131
Accumulated Layers 132
Fire and Ice 133
The Younger Dryas 133
Paradigmatic Upsets 135
Chapter 8
The Clovis Comet
Death From the Sky 137
Peppered Mammoths 141
The Charcoal Dispute 143
The Nanodiamond Evidence 144
Cosmic Blasts 145
Impact Craters 147
The Missing Cavity 149
The Great Lakes 150
Charity Shoal 150
The Carolina Bays 152
Crater Orientation 156
Additional Scars 159
A Matter of Identity 161
Cosmic Rubble 163
The Electric Milieu 167
Chapter 9
Resetting the Record
Conflagrations 170
Concentrations 171
Exterminations 172
Submergence 175
Cause and Effect 176
The Bays’ Age 177
The Radiocarbon Dating Game 178
Dendrocatastrophism 181
Radiometric Alchemy 182
Chapter 10
Substellar Interactions
Atmospheric Pollution 186
Encircling Muck 187
Circumstellar Waste 188
Super-Flaring Dust 189
Plasmaspheric Rebounds 191
Heliospheric Skirmishes 193
Variation in Intensity 194
Exaggerated Severity 195
Back to Warmth 196
Aborted Creations 197
Traumatic Times 198
Life on the Verge 200
Theory Under Fire 203
Second Interlude 205
Chapter 11
Start of a New Era
The Hidden God 209
The Paut 213
The Dark and Evil Deity 213
The Black Planet and its God 217
The Ka’aba 219
The Black Stone 223
Heaven’s Bolide 224
Al-Ilah 225
El Gabal 226
Dushura 226
Al-Rukaba 227
Chapter 12
Divine Colors
Blue-Black Deities 230
Tlaloc 231
Saturnian Blue 233
Purple Dawn 234
Messianic Hints 236
Stellar Radiation 237
Ultraviolet Light 239
Color Perception 241
Echoes of a Distant Past 242
Chapter 13
Heavenly Transitions
Self Propagation 246
Divine Parentage 247
Progeny’s Own Progenitor 249
The Bloated Deity 250
The Logos 252
Interplanetary Discharges 259
Chapter 14
Celestial Unveilings
The Spiral of Creation 265
Cosmic Emissions 274
The Eruptive Focal Point 278
Chapter 15
Serpentine Windings
Dragon Lore 281
Cometary Portents 282
Snaky Coils 285
Feathery Snakes 286
Leviathan 288
Serpent Worship 292
Apep 297
The Serpent of Eternity 298
Serpentine Deities 299
Celestial Rivers 302
Intestinal Entities 302
Utu and the Antaka 309
Divine Disembowelment 310
The Winding Labyrinth 311
Behemoth 312
Lone Travelers Through Space 315
Dwarf Star Systems 316
Catastrophic Signs Within the Kuiper Belt 317
Alien Stars 318
Interloping Planets 318
Earth’s Northern Heritage 319
Arctic Settlers 323
Cosmic Fallout 324
Man on the Move 325
Terrestrial Readjustments 326
The Emergence of Religion 327
A to Z 330

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