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Table of Contents

The Velikovskian Journals

Journal Vol I  No. 1

A Word about the Planetary Debate - Irving Wolfe
Reflections of the Persian Wars - Charles Ginenthal
Ancient Near-Eastern Chronology Revised - Gunnar Heinsohn
Calendars Revisited - Lynn E. Rose
Indeterminacy - Temporary, Permanent, or Indefinite? - Roger W. Wescott
The Moon in Upheaval - Charles Ginenthal
In the Beginning--A Review - Charles Ginenthal
Pseudo-Scientists, Cranks, Crackpots and Henry Bauer - Charles Ginenthal

Journal Vol I  No. 2

Common Sense about Ancient Maps - Charles Ginenthal
Dark Matter - Charles Ginenthal
William H. Stiebing, Jr. and Immanual Velikovsky - Charles Ginenthal
Comparing Magnetic Fields: Neptune and Uranus - Charles Ginenthal
Is Space a Super-conducting Medium - Charles Ginenthal
Velikovsky's "The Dark Age of Greece" - Clark Whelton

Journal Vol I  No. 3

James Hutton: A Non-Inductive, Theological Catastrophist - Charles Ginenthal
Puzzles of Prehistory - Roger W. Wescott
Proof of a Celestial Counterforce to Gravity - Charles Ginenthal
Measurements of the Electromagnetic properties of "Space" - George E. Talbott, Charles Ginenthal
The Nature of Venus' Heat - Charles Ginenthal
Revisiting the Temperature of Venus - George E. Talbott
The Cornell Lecture: Sagan on a Wednesday - Lynn E. Rosc

Journal Vol I  No. 4

Giants in the Earth - By Ted Holden
Point-Counterpoint: The Method of Science - James E. Oberg
Oberg's Unsicentific Method -
Charles Ginenthal
Hardy, Tess, and Psychic Scotoma - Duane Leroy Vorhees
Checking the Checkered Checker - George R. Talbott
Graincollection: Human's Natural Ecological Niche - A Review - Roger Westcott
Before the Day Breaks--A Perspective - Charles Ginenthal

Journal Vol II  No. 1

Mind and It's Methods: A Reflection on Neurotic Science - Antoinette Mann Patterson
Scientists, Journalists and Editors as Suppressors (Part I) - Charles Ginenthal
sTARBABY - Dennis Rawlins
Scientific Dating Methods in Ruins - Charles Ginenthal
Early History of the Israelite People: Biblical Fundamentalism in History I - Gunnar Heinsohn
Early History of the Israelite People: Biblical Fundamentalism in History II - Gunnar Heinsohn
The Emerging Revision of Ancient History: Recent Research - Martin Sieff

Journal Vol II  No. 2

Interviewing Immanuel Velikovsky - Robert Nichols
CHZ and Solar System Stability - Charles Ginenthal
Old-World Maps: A Response to Charles Ginenthal - Norman Schwarz
Analysis of Old World Maps - Charles Ginenthal
Trisms and Planetary iconography - Charles Raspil
Scientists, Journalists and Editors as Suppressors (Part II) - Charles Ginenthal

Journal Vol II  No. 3

June 18, 762 BCE: A Mathematical Analysis of Ancient History - Robert T. Russell
The Kensington Runestone, John Whittaker, and the Skeptical Inquirer (Part I) - Alice Miller
The Kensington Runestone, John Whittaker, and the Skeptical Inquirer (Part II) - Alice Miller
The Origin of the Moon - Charles Ginenthal

Journal Vol II  No. 4

The Flood - Charles Ginenthal
A Lowered Chronology for the Twelfth Dynasty - Lynn E. Rose
Ice Core Evidence - Charles Ginenthal
Spatters and Planetary Iconograpy - Charles Raspil
Response to Raspil - Charles Ginenthal

Journal Vol III  No. 1

The Papyrus Ipuwer, Egyptian Version of the Plagues: A New Perspective - Henry Zecher

Journal Vol III  No. 2

Journal Vol III  No. 3

Journal Vol III  No. 4

Journal Vol IV   No. 1

Ocean Sediments, Cicumpolar Muck, Erratics, Buried Forests and Loess as Evidence of Global Floods - Charles Ginenthal
   The Oceans
   Arctic Muck
   Buried Forests

Journal Vol IV   No. 2

Metamorphic Evolution - Charles Ginenthal
Shattering the Myths of Darwinism - Richard Milton
The Relevance of the Velikovsky Scenario to the Homeric Question - Hugo Meynell
Reviewing Velikovsky's Venus and Mars Theories - Donald W. Patten
A Tale of Two Venuses - Charles Ginenthal
A victory for Mars - Lynn E. Rose

Journal Vol IV   No. 3

Journal Vol IV   No. 4

Journal Vol V   No. 1

The Aristotelian Cosmos - Charles Ginenthal
Were the Hittites Lydians? - Emmet J. Sweeney
The Periodic Cyclicism of Ancient Catastrophe - Donald W. Patten
Propaganda and Scientific History - Charles Ginenthal
The Bible Myth Reviewed - Lynn E. Rose
"The Subject of Defamation", a Letter - George R. Talbott

Journal Vol V   No. 2

Ramessides, Medes and Persians - Emmet J. Sweeney

Journal Vol V   No. 3

Immanuel Velikovsky Centennial Celebration 1895 - 1995

Why Velikovsky is Important - Irving Wolfe
Cenocatastrophism - William Mullen
The Planets that were Gods - Dwardu Cardona
The Birth of Venus and of Orion - Renate Schukies
Current Issues in Catastrophis, - Lynn E. Rose
The Dresden Cosmological Calendars - Nancy Kelly Owen
Solar System Instability: A Report on Robert Bass Research - Charles Ginenthal
The Ocean and Rivers of Mars - Charles Ginenthal
Mars Rocks in Ancient Myth and Modern Science - Ev Cochrane
Let There Be Darkness: An Archetypal Analysis of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich - Lewis M. Greenberg
Top Down Velikovsky - C.J. Ransom
Velikovsky Redux - Roger Westcott

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