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Velikovsky and the Recent History of the Solar System



McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

June 17-19, 1974

This coming June McMaster University will host an international gathering of scholars to examine the recent history of the solar system in the light of Velikovsky's work.

Sponsored by the Student Academic Freedom Forum (publisher of Pensée) the multidisciplinary symposium will encompass the physical sciences, archaeology, and historical and mythological interpretation. All will be brought to bear on the question, "Has the Earth suffered major catastrophes during historical times?"

Date and Location

The three-day symposium will convene June 17-19, 1974, on the McMaster University campus. Located about 40 miles southwest of Toronto, in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster is 60 miles northwest of Buffalo, New York.

Scope and Format

Six "Invited Papers" are listed on this page. In addition to these, there will be many other papers, respondent panels, seminars and workshops. Emphasis will be laid on the critical evaluation, by technically qualified individuals, of all arguments put forth, combined with intensive interdisciplinary "cross-fertilization." Examples of some of the broad subject areas to be discussed: Earth geology and catastrophism; the lunar, Martian, and Venusian surfaces; eruptive and catastrophic processes in the solar system; radioactive dating methods; cometary origins; archaeological evidences for catastrophism; the relation between myth and history; approaches to historical records of catastrophes; and the reception of new ideas by science.

The original researches of several scholars other than Velikovsky will be considered and their implications for the recent history of the solar system analyzed. For example, S. K. Vsekhsvyatskii's theory of cometary origins and Claude Schaeffer's archaeological work on the destruction levels of ancient cities will come under intensive discussion.

How to Attend and Participate

If you wish to attend the symposium as a participating scholar, please fill out and mail the pre-registration form on the following page to Symposium, Student Academic Freedom Forum, P.O. Box 414, Portland, Oregon 92707. Indicate on this form the manner in which you wish to participate, and submit together with the form a brief resume, including your scholarly qualifications in the discipline(s) you wish to represent.

If you wish to attend as an observer, indicate that fact on the pre-registration form.

Cost and Financial Aid

The registration fee for the three-day symposium is $55 (less for single-day or single-session attendance), or, for students, $20. On-campus room and board rates are $15/day (double occupancy) or $17/day (single occupancy). Registration and room/board reservation forms will be provided to everyone returning the pre-registration form.

Participating scholars may be eligible for waiver of registration fee and, in hardship cases, for room/board waiver. Applications for such waiver will be supplied on request.

How You Can Assist

If you can post symposium announcements at your university, research institution, personnel office or elsewhere, indicate on the preregistration form how many announcements you can use and we will send them to you. If you know of any individuals or groups who may be interested in attending the symposium, whether as observers or participating scholars, please send us a list of names and we will see that they receive announcements.


PROFESSOR SERGEI VSEKHSVYATSKII, Director, Kiev Observatory, Kiev, U.S.S.R.
The Origin of Comets: Eruptive and Catastrophic Processes in the Solar System

PROFESSOR IRVING MICHELSON, Department of Mechanics and Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
Celestial ELECTROmechanics and Velikovsky's Catastrophism

DR. WILLIS WEBB, Department of Physics, University of Texas (El Paso)
The Electrical Strticture of the Earth

PROFESSOR CLAUDE SCHAEFFER,* Chaire d'Archéologie de l'Asie Occidentale, Collége de France
The Destruction of Ancient Cities

DR. WI LLIAM MULLEN, Hodder Fellow in the Humanities, Princeton University
Myth and the Science of Catastrophism: The Mesoamerican Record

DR. IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY, author of Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval, Ages in Chaos, and Oedipus and Akhnaton
Man and the Universe at the Dawn of the Space Age

*Owing to his excavation responsibilities and the unsettled Middle East situation, Professor Schaeffer's participation in the symposium was not finally confirmed as of January 10, 1974.


June 17-19, 1974, McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario



[ ] I wish to attend the McMaster University symposium as a ____ participating scholar

For Participating Scholars:

1. My special field of interest is_____________________________ (Please attach brief resume)

2. 1 would like to ____read a paper (Attach synopsis)
____organize a workshop, panel, or seminar
____attend particular sessions as an active discussant
____other (Explain)



I suggest you contact the following person(s) concerning attendance at the symposium (please list additional names on a separate sheet):

Name ____________________________________________________


City ___________________________ State _________ Zip _________

I can post symposium announcements at my college/university or elsewhere.

Please send me_____copies of of the announcement.

Name ____________________________________________________

University or institution ______________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

City ___________________________ State _________ Zip _________


Tear out or make a copy of this form and mail to:


Student Academic Freedom Forum
P.O. Box 414
Portland, Oregon 97207
Tel. (503) 226-1237


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