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In the Fall, 1972, issue of Pensée (p. 32), Cyrus Gordon concluded his review of Oedipus and Akhnaton with the remark that "Velikovsky has illumi­nated the very essence of the most interesting period of Egyptian history.  In doing so he has forged a firm link between the Nile and Greece, making a basic contribution to Mediterranean Stu­dies.  At the same time he has thrown welcome light on Freud's thought and influence.  But most of all he opens the eyes of his readers to a deeper under­standing of the world and of themselves."

It would appear that yet another and perhaps even more significant point can be elicited from Oedipus and Akhnaton, namely that in establishing a factual basis for mythic drama within a highly speci­fic context, Velikovsky has not only illuminated the historical tragedy of the Egyptian royal house but has presented de facto a defense of Worlds in Collision.   For, in demonstrating the historicity of the Oedipus story, Velikovsky offers proof that historical facts can become legends and that the latter, when care­fully examined, can again reveal the former.

Lewis M. Greenberg

PENSEE Journal V

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