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A poll of scientists by Industrial Research shows strong agreement with Velikovsky's catastrophism.

"The majority of respondents to the March opinion poll in Industrial Research give support to Velikovsky's theories of catastrophic upheavals in man's past.  More than 80% are inclined to believe some or all of what he writes."

A shocking statement for some, perhaps, but it comes from the editors of Industrial Research, a leading, technology-centered publication circulated among "qualified scientists, engineers, and administrators in technically oriented organizations in the United States."  The opinion poll results were published in the June, 1973, issue of Industrial Research under the title, "Support for Velikovsky."

"Do you yourself believe in Velikovsky's theory of catastrophic upheavals in man's past?" readers were asked.  "Yes," replied 19% of the respondents; 62% acknowledged such belief "to some extent;" and 19% said "no."

"Are the technical journals basically too conservative?" Yes - 71 %; no - 29%.

Velikovsky's writings have not been published in the "respectable" journals; "does this represent a basic flaw in the concept and functioning of these journals?" Yes - 64%; no - 12%; I'm not sure - 24%.

The poll results were tabulated from over 2000 replies.  Normal response to the monthly poll is 1300-1800, according to IR editor, Al Plant.

PENSEE Journal V

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