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A Chart Covering the Period Discussed in Ages in Chaos, Volume One

Even the time of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, an event that directly affected both peoples, is not settled in accepted chronology and various theories are discussed: in the days of Amenhotep II? or Amenhotep III? or Akhnaton? (all of the 18th Dynasty); or of Merneptah of the 19th Dynasty? or of Ramses III of the 20th Dynasty?  To accommodate the accepted version of Egyptian chronology the period of Judges in the Biblical chronology is greatly shortened (from the Biblical figure of ca. 400 years to close to 100, depending on the time suggested for the Exodus) but to no avail.

For the role of Shishak invading Judea in the days of Rehoboam, usually Sosenk I of the Libyan Dynasty is suggested, though Sosenk only reported a tribute from Israel (not Judea) and no campaign.  In volume II of Ages in Chaos, Sosenk will be shown as King So of the Libyan Dynasty who received a tribute from Hoshea of Israel (2 Kings 1 7:4).

Immanuel Velikovsky

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