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Open letter to science editors


  •  Natural History

               November 28, 1972
Robert Williamson
Natural History Magazine
American Museum of Science and History
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Williamson,

In early October I discussed with Mr. Harvey Oshinsky the possibility of our advertising Pensée's special issue on Immanuel Velikovsky in Natural History.  After receiving encouragement and all necessary information from Mr. Oshinsky, we submitted the enclosed full-page ad on October 9, 1972, for publication in the December, 1972, issue of Natural History.

On November 22 1 received a call from Mr. Oshinsky.  He informed me that, while our credit is satisfactory, he hadn't known "the Velikovsky situation was that explosive"; "in view of the controversy over Velikovsky," Pensée's ad has been rejected for publication in Natural History.

Mr. Williamson, clearly this is an extraordinary decision on the part of Natural History.  I must assume you are not familiar with the fact that the ad we submitted to Natural History has appeared in Science, Science News, Physics Today, and Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.  I further assume that you are not familiar with the serious and scholarly approach to Velikovsky's work taken by Pensée.  Therefore I am enclosing copies of our first two issues together with our ad.

We request that you review these magazines and reconsider your decision.


Stephen L. Talbott

December 5, 1972

Dear Mr. Talbott:

Our decision as conveyed to you by Mr. Oshinsky remains unchanged.


Robert E. Williamson
Managing Editor


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