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Nights earth sheered like an apple
hangs quiet planetary engines dead
its last equator knifed through our backyard
edged against the black screen of gone sky
three moons or four at makeshift
sniff for orbits, circle each other, play eclipse.
Watching we understand that a thing has happened
that it will not unhappen
that we are undone.

We come in the house, put on slow motion
a moon dance of lost and found
panic paraphernalia
sweaters, coats, pockets of knives and matches.
Outside the lawn crumbles toppling the swing set
to the long fall.

Ah Velikovsky
we have known it all along, our genesis
our recurrent exodus.
Forgive us our default.  Between the nightmares
think it only human
we hoard the sunlight, tend our gardens, harvest
the intermittent mornings.

Ann Deagon
Guilford College
Greensboro, North Carolina

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