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Is Asteroid Toro A Remnant of Comet-Planet Collision?

Robert Treash
San Diego Evening College

Recent discovery that asteroid Toro (1685) travels around the sun five times in eight terrestrial years, meanwhile crossing Earth's orbital plane 10 times, has a special significance.

Not only is asteroid Toro governed by this resonance with Earth, but at widely spaced intervals this resonance is temporarily supplanted by a different resonance with Venus, the successive sidereal periods of which planet also occur five times in eight terrestrial years.

Since asteroid Toro must henceforth be included as a member of the Earth-Moon system in Earth's gravitational field, this newly-found relationship can serve as a new means of focusing scientific attention upon Earth's entire present and past relationship with Venus.

In view of the tangle of new facts and relationships, it is of importance that a study be undertaken to determine whether:

1.  Asteroid Toro may be a surviving remnant of planetary collision attendant upon the birth of comet Venus or its evolution into planet Venus between the 15th and 7th centuries B.C.

2.  A proposal to NASA should be made for an unmanned space probe to be sent to the asteroid to check the possibility above, along with other scientific investigations.  This probe should assume priority over other unscheduled space probes because of asteroid Toro's unique resonant alignments and possible history in our now-expanded conception of the Earth-Moon system.

(Partial bibliography: Science, 176 [May 26, 1972], 906; Physical Studies of Minor Planets, NASA, 1971.)

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