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KRONOS Vol XI, No. 10



With this issue of KRONOS, we begin our second decade and can look back on the past ten years with profound satisfaction. A milestone has indeed been reached, and at this time KRONOS would like to thank all those who have generously contributed funds in order to ensure the continuance of the journal. We would also like to thank those subscribers who have stayed with us for all or the greater part of the past ten years. It has been an incomparable journey.

For years, we have tried to emphasize the fact that KRONOS is primarily the product of volunteer help and is a federally recognized non-profit publication. As such, all contributions to KRONOS are tax deductible. Therefore, we gladly welcome any additional monetary gifts at this time. For $75.00, one may obtain a rare copy of Velikovsky's pamphlet Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History which was first published in 1945. For $15.00 or less, one may acquire a copy of Velikovsky's Peoples of the Sea or any of the items listed in the ad on the facing page.

KRONOS is also running a Holiday sale on back issues. Any back issue may be purchased for only $3.00 each with a minimum of Five (5) issues being purchased at the same time. There is no shipping charge and overseas orders will be sent by surface mail. Please note that issues 11 and 12 are out of print. Remember, you must purchase at least five back issues in order to take advantage of the sale price.

It is necessary to point out that KRONOS, like other publications, must have four-six weeks advance notice of an address change. Any issues of the journal that are returned due to the fact that an address change was sent too late or not indicated at all will not be re-mailed unless $2.00 is sent to cover the additional postal costs.

Finally, all unsolicited mail automatically becomes the property of KRONOS to be edited and done with as we see fit. Mail not intended for publication should be marked as such. We cannot be responsible for answering or returning any unsolicited mail unless it pertains to a specific order or is a question regarding payment. Your cooperation in all of the above is greatly appreciated.

- L. M. Greenberg


NOTE: Back issue sale ends by March 1, 1986.

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