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KRONOS Vol XI, No. 10


The Secret Code


Hidden Language of the Bible

A major breakthrough in the field of Biblical Research in light of the ancient Near Eastern Civilizations After 10 years of extensive research, Thierry Gaudin demonstrates conclusively the existence of Coded Text of Astronomy hidden beneath the narrative of the first five Hebrew books of the Old Testament In doing so, the author takes us back on a journey to the heart of the ancient Near East by showing how Mesopotamian belief and astronomical knowledge became the exclusive building material of the Biblical Edifice Written in the official language of Mesopotamia, where Religion and Science shared the same vaulted roof for better or for worse The Secret Code for the first time provides us with definitive amswers to the numerous questions that have been asked for centuries:

WHY was the world said to have been created in 6 days + a 7th?

WHAT is the original meaning of both the Biblical and Sumero-Babylonian system of chronology?

WHAT special astronomical event was recorded in the Biblical narrative of the Flood? WHAT was the original meaning of the Covenant, its three signs, and its exclusive link to the Land of Canaan?

WHAT was the meaning of all the numbers found in the Bible? and,

HOW the Biblical past was recorded as a projected future?

"A result of years of work on the author's part, the Secret Code or Hidden Language of the Bible was sure to awaken interest and discussion in many quarters. Provocative for the lay reader as well as for theology and astronomy. '

Dr. C. Muses, Editor of the revised and enlarged Septuagint Bible, oldest version of the Old Testament.

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