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KRONOS Vol X, No. 1


Collective Amnesia and the Compulsive Repetition of Human Sacrifrice

Gunnar Heinsohn, Christoph Marx

The size of poster, this compact but equally instructive and thought provoking overview of Velikovsky's original questioning "Why does the collective behave irrationally?" provides new and expanded answers about Language as Memory Storage of the Collective; on the traditions carried forward in Images, Illustrations, and Iconography; on Rituals, Religions, and scholarly Thought Systems; about Ontogenetic Anxiety; it displays the connexions between Current Social Crises and Manmade Social CatAstrophes, and a detailed table covering the political and natural historical reconstruction makes visible the Excitation Background to the Trauma.

This work, however,is primarily concerned with situations of today as inferred from the catAstrophistic viewpoint, rather than with isolated issues in ancient history, astrophysics, mysterious myths, &c.

In English and German, postersize 23 by 33 inches.
Including postage $6.- (2 copies $10.-) from
P.A.F Verlag
4002 Basel, Switzerland.

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