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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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Editorial Statement...


Since its inception more than eight years ago, KRONOS has been primarily a volunteer operation. Because its staff members all have the responsibility of full-time professional obligations and outside commitments, this alone makes KRONOS' achievements that much more remarkable. The journal has survived establishment indifference, intellectual hostility, economic hard times, and inherent growing pains. It has successfully outlasted its competition in a presently limited market and has endured well beyond the death of its inspirational mentor. During these past eight years, KRONOS has consistently appeared according to its quarterly time-table, reaching an international circulation in more than thirty foreign countries.

Increasing production costs and scholarly demands, along with rising postal expenses, have finally forced us to alter our publication schedule. Beginning with Volume IX, KRONOS will be published three times a year. However, each issue will be of greater length than present. This will enable us to maintain our high scholastic standards, allow us to continue to accomplish our goals, and avoid increasing subscription prices.

- L. M. Greenberg


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