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Roger Ashton; Born in the UK, Mr. Ashton has recently resided in Delhi, Bombay, Dharamsala (India) and Beirut (Lebanon). While in India he published articles on classical Asian music and the butterflies of Delhi. In Vancouver, where he presently resides, Mr. Ashton has also broadcasted a radio program series on the classical and traditional music of USSR Asian republics, India, and North Africa.

John J. Bimson (Ph.D., Sheffield University); A specialist in Biblical archaeology and chronology, Dr. Bimson has published his doctoral thesis as Redating the Exodus and Conquest. He was a Research Associate at Tyndale House, Cambridge, between 1977 and 1979 and is presently an Editorial Consultant to the SIS Review to which he has contributed a host of scholarly articles on the revised chronology. Dr. Bimson has also recently published in BAR.

Dwardu Cardona; Mr. Cardona, a Senior Editor of KRONOS, has also published in Topper, The Ubyssey, Pensée, The Sourcebook Project, and UFO Report. He presently makes his home in Vancouver and is preparing several long-range major works on cosmic catastrophism and related subjects.

Peter J. James (B.A. - Hons. - Birmingham Univ.); Mr. James is a graduate in ancient history and archaeology and a specialist in Mesopotamian Studies. He is also an Assistant Editor of SIS Review to which he has contributed numerous scholarly articles.

Shane H. Mage (Ph.D., Columbia Univ.); Dr. Mage is an economist currently residing in New York City, and is the author of the pamphlet Velikovsky and his Critics - A Scientist's Objective Review of the Debate about the Cataclysmic History of our Solar System (1978). His dissertation titled The "Law of the Falling Tendency of the Rate of Profit" - Its Place in the Marxian Theoretical System and Relevance to the U.S. Economy 1900-1960 has been widely cited as a major contribution to the critique of Marxian Political Economy.

Livio C. Stecchini (Dr. Juris, Univ. of Genoa; Ph.D., Harvard); The late Dr. Stecchini was Professor of Ancient History, Paterson State College, Paterson, N. J. He co-authored Secrets of the Great Pyramid with Peter Tompkins and also co-edited and co-authored The Velikovsky Affair .

Irving Wolfe (Ph.D., Univ. of Bristol, England); Dr. Wolfe is presently Associate Professor of English, Département des Études Anglaises, Université de Montréal. His book Shakespeare and Velikovsky: Collective Memory and the Springs of Art is expected to be published in the near future in Canada and England Prof. Wolfe has also published in the SIS Review.

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