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To the Editor of KRONOS:

In VI :4, following Parker, I accepted Dystros 24 Macedonian as the beginning of the regnal year at the time of the Canopus Decree. Both Parker and I had been persuaded by the arguments of Samuel (Ptolemaic Chronology, 1962). Unbeknownst to me, however, and presumably to Parker as well, Samuel has long since withdrawn much of his support for Dystros 24. In his Greek and Roman Chronology (1972), he admits to having misinterpreted one of the relevant documents. That document, PCZ 59139, actually suggests that the regnal year began no earlier than Dystros 27. On the other hand, PCZ 59203 can be understood only if the regnal year began precisely on Dystros 24. Samuel still inclines toward Dystros 24, on the basis of all of the evidence available, especially PCZ 59203, but he grants (pages 147-148) that the date "is not yet certainly known" and that the question "must be left open", even with "the 24th explaining the most evidence". Under these circumstances, Parker's claim that Samuel has "conclusively" established the 24th is repudiated by Samuel himself, and my own acceptance of the 24th should have been qualified with a "probably".

Lynn E. Rose

* * *

In KRONOS VI:4 page 65, the publisher of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine should have been listed as Joel Davis.

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