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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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Dwardu Cardona; Mr. Cardona, a Senior Editor of KRONOS, has also published in the journal Pensée, He presently makes his home in Vancouver, B. C. and is preparing a co-authored work on the origin of religion. Additionally, along with Thomas McCreery, Mr. Cardona has published important research in the field of megalithic studies that casts serious doubts on the findings of Euan MacKie and Alexander Thom.

Marilyn Ferguson; Ms. Ferguson is editor-publisher of Brain/Mind Bulletin, a newsletter reporting on research in the field of consciousness, and Leading Edge, a bulletin of social transformation. She is also the author of The Brain Revolution and The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s. Ms. Ferguson is also involved in alternative public education, environmental legislation in California, and has been appointed to the California State Commission on Wellness and Preventive Health.

Thomas L. Ferté (M.A., Arizona State Univ.); A professor of humanities at Western Oregon State College in Monmouth, Oregon, where he teaches courses on comparative mythology, world literature, and writing. He has also done research at Idaho State University, the Institute of Renaissance Studies, and Kansas State University. Prof. Ferte's poetry has appeared in Cafe Solo and The Tennessee Poetry Journal, and his free-lance essays (mostly on scientific subjects) have been published in several magazines and newspapers. His personal contact with Dr. Velikovsky led to the ten Velikovsky issues of Pensée magazine (1972-74). Although he submitted his collective amnesia paper to KRONOS in January 1978, he originally pointed out the astounding similarities between the details of Donnelly's and Velikovsky's work in a letter to Velikovsky in 1973.

Geoffrey Gammon (B.A. Hons. London Univ.); Mr. Gammon is an historian who is currently studying for a Diploma in Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology London University. He is also an Editorial Associate of the SIS Review to which he has contributed many scholarly articles.

David Griffard (Ph.D., Univ. of Pittsburgh); Associate Professor of Psychology at Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh. Dr. Griffard has contributed to Science, the Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, and Inquiry. His work has also been reviewed in the Annual Review of Psychology. Prof. Griffard is presently the Director of the Institute for Collective Behavior and Memory.

Jerome A. Kroth (Ph.D., Florida State Univ.); Associate Professor in the Graduate Division of Counseling Psychology and Education at the Univ. of Santa Clara, California. Dr. Kroth has written four books and numerous scientific articles. His latest work on collective psychology is entitled Flesh and Blood (Genotype, 1980).

Livio C. Stecchini (Dr. Juris, Univ. of Genoa; Ph.D., Harvard); The late Dr. Stecchini was Professor of Ancient History, Paterson State College, Paterson, N. J. He co-authored Secrets of the Great Pyramid with Peter Tompkins and also co-edited and coauthored The Velikovsky Affair.

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