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Corrigenda et Addenda . . .

The figure on page 46 of KRONOS VI:3 was adapted from P. J. Smith, "The Intensity of the Ancient Geomagnetic Field," Geophysical Journal 12 (1967), p. 343.

Sources for the names listed in the above figure are:

Thellier, E. & Thellier, O.,1959. Sur l'intensite du champ magnetique terrestre dans le passe historique et géologique, Annls Geophys., 15, 285. (This review paper contains full references to the Thelliers' individual papers.)

Burlatskaya, S. P.,1962. The ancient magnetic field of the Earth, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, p. 254.

Sasajima, S. & Maenaka, K., 1964. Intensity Studies of the Geomagnetic Field for the Past 2000 Years in West Japan, p. 44. 1964 Progress Report of the Rock Magnetism Group in Japan, Tokyo.

Nagata, T., Arai, Y. & Momose, K.,1963. Secular variation of the geomagnetic total force during the last 5000 years, J. Geophys. Res., 68, 5277.

Nagata, T., Kobayashi, K. & Schwarz, E. J.,1965. J. Geomagn. Goelect Kyoto, 17, 399.

The wording of the last two sentences of paragraph two on page 47 of KRONOS VI:3 should have read:

"It is of more than passing interest to note, however, that there are magnetic declination inflections ca. 1500 B.C. at both Loch Lomond and Lake Windermere. These are suggestive, within a catastrophic context, of a double magnetic reversal, close together in time, of the type advocated by Warlow." (19)

The note on Shakespeare by Prof. Richard Jaarsma in KRONOS VI:3, p.94, should have stated that there were 13 comets sighted in 45 years as opposed to the erroneously listed figure of 145 years.

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