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Editorial Statement . . .

L. M. Greenberg


With this issue KRONOS marks the close of its sixth volume. As of this writing, no other publication emphasizing the work of Immanuel Velikovsky has ever come so far. Thanks to the generosity of its subscribers and the time and effort freely given by its staff, the journal is stronger today than at any time in its history.

During the past year, KRONOS successfully established the KRONOS Endowment Fund. Supported only by donations, the KEF has underwritten in whole or in part three Velikovsky symposiums, was instrumental in creating the Omega Monograph Series, and helped to expand KRONOS' advertising. To all those who made this possible, our sincere thanks.

This past year has also seen the formation of the Institute for Collective Behavior and Memory under the Directorship of KRONOS Senior Editor Dr. David Griffard. ICBM is primarily responsible for Edutours educational trips to various archaeological sites of Velikovskian interest. Many KRONOS subscribers have already availed themselves of this opportunity. (For further information, write to Dr. David Griffard, 934 Western Avenue, No. I, Pittsburgh,Pa. 15233.)

Because of its present strength, KRONOS is able to hold prevailing subscription prices for another year. However, in order to maintain the subscription prices at current levels beyond Volume VII and continue as a quality publication, it is vital that KRONOS increase the number of its subscribers.

To this end we are encouraging our subscribers to bring in new subscribers by making the following offer: For every new subscriber introduced to KRONOS by a present subscriber, we will send a free back issue of KRONOS to each. Be sure to include both names and addresses with the order. This offer is good until January 1, 1982.

Beginning with Vol. VII, KRONOS will be instituting a new subscription policy. Subscriptions will be made synchronous. All subscribers whose subscription expires prior to the completion of a volume will be asked to pay a pro-rated amount so that all subscriptions will terminate with the end of that volume. All new subscribers will begin their subscription with the first issue of a current volume regardless of the time of the year when they subscribe. This is necessary for a more efficient operation and the need to economize. For the duration of this switchover period, subscriber cooperation will be most appreciated.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Immanuel Velikovsky's first book in four years MANKIND IN AMNESIA will be available in late January from Doubleday & Co. Look for it.

L. M. Greenberg

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