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KRONOS Vol VI, No. 2


The following KRONOS subscription rates and back issue prices are currently in effect until further notice:


North America $ 15.00 Overseas Airmail $22.00 Institutional (NA) $20.00 Overseas Institutional $25.00 Overseas Surface (Israel only) - $20.00


All back issues are now available. In North America, the price for each back issue is $5.00 except for Vol. III, No. 2 (V&Es which is $6.00. Overseas, the price for each back issue is $6.50 except for Vol. III, No. 2 which is $8.00. KRONOS IV:I (No. 13) is back in print and ready for immediate shipment. Above quoted prices pertain.

NOTE: A flat charge of $2.00 for shipping and handling should be added to any back issue order regardless of the number of issues in an order. This is necessary owing to the steady and dramatic rise in postal costs and printing. Please allow up to six weeks for an order to be processed, though it may be serviced much sooner depending upon the time of the year. Any orders received between December 15 and January 15 may take up to eight weeks for delivery. Also allow up to six weeks for address changes to become effective.

Cooperation in this matter is particularly appreciated.

The price of VELIKOVSKY & ESTABLISHMENT SCIENCE in hard cover is now $12.95.

SPECIAL OFFER. For every new subscriber that is introduced to KRONOS by a present subscriber, we will extend the subscription of the present subscriber by one issue. If four new subscribers are introduced by a present subscriber, his subscription will be extended for a full year.

Published February, May, August, November.

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