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KRONOS Vol V, No. 1


Z A. Firsoff (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society); Mr. Firsoff has written widely on astronomy and other subjects, gemstones among them. He has a considerable knowledge of experimental facts in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. His writing in astronomy began in 1952 with Our Neighbor Worlds and recent books include The Interior Planets (1968), The World of Mars (1969), The Old Moon and the New (1970), and Life Among the Stars (1974). In his latest book, At the Crossroads of Knowledge (1977), he reflects on the origins of life, examines its chemical basis, and discusses the possibilities of other biochemistries for life elsewhere in the universe.

Robert S. Harrington (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin); Dr. Harrington is a research astronomer on the Exploratory Development Staff at the U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C. His principal activities are in positional astronomy and he is a specialist in numerical integration of orbital motions. Dr. Harrington was one of the first celestial mechanicians to integrate the orbit of Chiron back far enough to establish that its earliest history was chaotic (i.e., indeterminable due to close encounters with other planets, principally Saturn). His dissertation explored the dynamical evolution of triple star systems. Dr. Harrington is active in the International Astronomical Union.

Thomas McCreery (B.Sc. Hons. Strathclyde University); After initially working in military applications of acoustics, Mr. McCreery was employed as an acoustal consultant in Europe. At present, he lectures in physics at Cardonald College, Glasgow, and is also leading a project to resurvey Scottish megalithic sites. Mr. McCreery is the newest member of KRONOS' staff and joins its ranks as a Contributing Editor.

George Vid Tomashevich (Ph.D., University of Chicago); Dr. Tomashevich is currently a Professor of Anthropology at Buffalo State University College. He has authored many scholarly articles, reviews and poems in American, British and Yugoslav journals, and translated from French into English The Metaphysical and Geometrical Doctrine of Bruno, by Dr. Ksenija Atanasijevic; and from Serbo-Croatian, History, the Anatomy of Time (Principles of History), by Boziolar Knezevic (1862-1905), a renowned Serbian historian, sociologist, anthropologist and philosopher of history.

Thomas C. Van Flandern (Ph.D., Yale University); Dr. Van Flandern, research astronomer, is Chief, Celestial Mechanics Branch, Nautical Almanac Office at the U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C. In late spring 1979, he was Invited Guest Astronomer at the Astronomisches Rechen-lnstitut and Max Planck Institut fur Kernphysik in Heidelberg, West Germany. Dr. Van Flandern's principal research activities are in celestial mechanics, lunar motion, and occultations. Recent work that has gained publicity concerns changes in the gravitational constant, the possible existence of a hypothetical tenth planet, and the origin of comets from the explosion of a former asteroidal planet.

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