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Open letter to science editors


KRONOS Vol V, No. 1


(May 6, 1924 November 2, 1979)

The death of our colleague, Ralph Juergens, preceeded that of our mentor, Immanuel Velikovsky, by only two weeks. Here let us speak of Ralph.

Leaving his career as an engineer in 1960 to pursue his new found interest in Dr. Velikovsky's work, Ralph became a most stalwart supporter, as well as a foremost chronicler of the scientific debate of the twentieth century. At the same time, he worked diligently on his own theory of the electrical nature of the Sun highly revolutionary in its own right.

Velikovsky said of him that he had the mark of a genius. The untimely loss of this creative mind to the scientific community is nothing less than tragic. He was a gentle man; never a complaint, never bitterness against an opponent, rather the smile or chuckle we came to expect of him in any difficult situation He was loved by us all. His work was superb, his manuscripts letter perfect. When editing the work of others he left no stone unturned which might improve their arguments, and if any point was in question he could be relied upon for the last word. To replace Ralph on our staff will be an impossible task.

No one was ever privileged to have a more gifted co-worker and no tribute could ever be adequate. Ralph's published work itself stands as a magnificent monument to dedication and vision; and that work which he left behind will continue to appear in the pages of KRONOS for some time.

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