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KRONOS Vol IX, No. 1


(July 27, 1895 - June 24, 1983)

Towards the end of the Preface to Worlds in Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky wrote: "Many an author has dedicated his book to his wife or mentioned her in the preface I have always felt this was somewhat ostentatious, but now that this work is being published, I feel I shall be most ungrateful if I fail to mention that my wife Elisheva spent almost as much time on it at our desk as I did. I dedicate this book to her." Those words were truly and richly deserved.

An energetic, feisty, highly intelligent, and knowledgeable person in her own right, Elisheva Velikovsky significantly influenced and contributed to her husband's work. Indeed, she was both wife and colleague. Yet, throughout her life, she was an accomplished sculptress and musician as well.

During the four years following her husband's death, Elisheva brought two of Velikovsky's books to publication fruition - Mankind in Amnesia and Stargazers & Gravediggers. Other books were also being prepared at the time of her death.

Her passing marks the end of an era; and those of us who were privileged to know this courageous lady have suffered a deep personal loss. Moreover, the community of scholars has lost a moving force.

Lewis M. Greenberg

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