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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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KRONOS Vol IV, No. 4


C. Leroy Ellenberger (B.S., Washington Univ.; M.B.A., Univ. of Pa.); Mr. Ellenberger has received degrees in chemical engineering and finance & operations research. He has contributed published material to Science Digest, New Leader, The Humanist, I-R/D, Fate, and the SIS Review. Mr. Ellenberger is presently a Contributing Editor of KRONOS

Lewis M. Greenberg (M.A., A.B.D. Univ. of Pa.); Associate Professor of Art History and Chairman of the Dept. of Art History & Social Sciences, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia. Prof. Greenberg is the co-author of An Introduction to Ancient Art and Architecture (1966) and has been an associate editor of the journal Pensée to which he contributed several articles. He has also served as an editor for the Greystone Press's multi-volume Encyclopedia of Art.

Ralph E. Juergens (B.S., Case-Western Reserve); Mr. Juergens is a civil engineer residing in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has been an associate editor of the journal Pensée to which he contributed many scholarly articles, and co editor and co-author of The Velikovsky Affair. Mr. Juergens has also contributed material to the book Velikovsky Reconsidered as well as the SIS Review.

Shane H. Mage (Ph.D., Columbia Univ.); Dr. Mage is an economist currently residing in Grand Haven, Michigan, and is the author of the pamphlet Velikovsky and his Critics - A Scientist's Objective Review of the Debate about the Cataclysmic History of our Solar System ( 1978). His dissertation titled The "Law of the Falling Tendency of the Rate of Profit" - Its Place in the Marxian Theoretical System and Relevance to the U.S. Economy 1900-1960 has been widely cited as a major contribution to the critique of Marxian Political Economy.

Leon Rosenstein (Ph.D., Columbia Univ.); Dr. Rosenstein is presently Professor of Philosophy at San Diego State University. He has studied at the Sorbonne under a Fulbright Fellowship and has contributed scholarly articles to such publications as Critical Inquiry, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, and Philosophy Today.

Chris S. Sherrerd (B.S., Lafayette, M.A., Rutgers Univ.); Mr. Sherrerd has received degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematical & Applied Statistics. He has also performed graduate work in mathematics and applied statistics at the American Univ. in Washington, D.C. Previously, Mr. Sherrerd has made important scholarly contributions to the journal Pensée and Velikovsky Reconsidered He is currently employed in an industrial research lab.

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