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KRONOS Vol IV, No. 3



The Weekend Conference held in Scotland last April under the auspices of Glasgow University's Department of Extra-Mural and Adult Education was attended by participants from North America and Israel as well as Britain and Europe, and has been universally judged a great success (see notes in S.I.S. Review II:4 and report in III:1). Papers on the history were given by Dr. Velikovsky (in absentia, to the regret of those present), Dr Euan MacKie and Michael Jones of the University's Hunterian Museum, and Dr J. J. Bimson, Peter J. James and Geoffrey Gammon of the S.I.S. Review. A special session on Velikovsky's astronomy was addressed by Archie Roy, Glasgow's Professor of Astronomy, and Dr Robert Bass of Brigham Young University, Utah, and among the speakers from the floor in the energetic discussion periods were Dr Eva Danelius, Raymond Vaughan and Marvin Luckerman. The Proceedings are being prepared by the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies on the University's behalf, and will include the full text of the papers read at the meeting and a digest of points raised in discussion as well as some additional material from Dr Velikovsky and others. Presented, like the Society's Review, in a large page format, with photographs and figures in the text, but with a card cover bearing the crest of the University and the Society's logo, this will be an invaluable record of a significant event. Likely publication date is early 1979; price to members is envisaged at $5.00 (a dollar or two more to non-members). To reserve your copy, please write to the Society's Secretary, Ralph M. Amelan, 6 Jersey House, Cotton Lane, Manchester M20 9GL, England.

The SIS Review is currently midway into its third volume. For subscription information, readers are encouraged to write directly to Mr. Amelan at the above address

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