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KRONOS Vol IV, No. 4


Ralph E. Juergens (B.S. Case-Western Reserve); Mr. Juergens is an engineer residing in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has been an associate editor of the journal Pensee to which he contributed many scholarly articles, and was co-editor and co-author of The Velikovsky Affair. Mr. Juergens has also contributed material to the book Velikovsky Reconsidered as well as the SIS Review.

C. J. Ransom (Ph.D., Univ. of Texas, Austin); Dr. Ransom is presently a physicist at General Dynamics Corp., Fort Worth. He has been an associate editor of the journal Pensee and contributed articles to that journal as well as INFO and Velikovsky Reconsidered. Dr. Ransom is currently Executive Director of Cosmos and Chronos and is author of the book The Age of Velikovsky.

Lynn E. Rose (Ph.D., Univ. of Pa.); Dr. Rose is Professor of Philosophy at SUNY-Buffalo and has authored a book on Aristotle as well as a variety of articles in several scholarly journals. Professor Rose has been an associate editor of, and contributor to the journal Pensee as well as an editorial consultant for the Journal of the History of Philosophy. He is also a major contributor to the book Velikovsky Reconsidered.

George Robert Talbott (D.Sc., Indiana Northern Grad. School); Dr. Talbott is both an interdisciplinary scientist and author whose experiential background is about evenly divided between research and engineering applications. His scope and competence in mathematical physics and physical chemistry are evident from his two-volume Philosophy and Unified Science, published in 1977 by the international firm of Ganesh and Co. in Madras. Dr. David Lee Hilliker's introduction to this work lists some additional publications of Dr. Talbott, including a book in thermodynamics (Electronic Thermodynamics). Dr. Talbott also holds a basic patent, with D. R. Paxton, in the field of thermodynamics and is the creator of SPLAT, a program for nuclear radiation shielding. He has been chairman of the Dept. of Mathematical Studies at Pacific States Univ. in Los Angeles and presently earns his living by making thermal predictions for complex space application. Dr. Talbott's biography is to be found in Who's Who in the West and in the Cambridge Who's Who published out of Cambridge England.

Alban Wall (Graduate, United States Merchant Marine Academy); Former Instructor, Dept. of Navigation and Seamanship, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and former Lt. Cmdr., USNR. Mr. Wall has also been a contributor to Reader's Digest.