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Open letter to science editors



Editorial statement . . .


L.M. Greenberg

Early this year, KRONOS Press and LAR Research reserved space for six one inch ads in Science News; the purpose was to advertise Velikovsky and Establishment Science and The Age of Velikovsky. The ads were accepted and the two books were advertised alternately for each week of the month of February. Then, quite abruptly, Science News unilaterally terminated the ads after they had run for only a third of their allotted time. Written notice of the cancellation was sent to the Angelyn Advertising Agency which had placed the ads. That letter is here reproduced:


The Weekly Summary of Science

February 28, 1978

Dear Mr. Helton: [Angelyn Advertising Agency]

As you know I received your insertion order scheduling space for LAR Research and Kronos Press in various issues of SCIENCE NEWS.

A few of these ads have run. However, at a recent advertising review committee meeting, the Editor and Publisher reversed their original decision to accept the "Velikovsky" ads.

Therefore, I was informed to notify you that ads on that subject will no longer be accepted by SCIENCE NEWS.


(Signed) Fred W. Dieffenbach
Sales Director

To date, all efforts to persuade Science News to recant its censorship have failed. We can only wonder, therefore, at the extreme insecurity of the scientific community. If Sagan, et al, are so right and Velikovsky so wrong, why were two book ads deemed so threatening that they had to be exorcised from the pages of Science News? Whatever the reason, we are certain the late Harlow Shapley would have been most pleased.

At the present writing, KRONOS does not consider the case closed.

L.M. Greenberg

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