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The fifth and final issue of Vol. I of the SIS Review appeared this Summer. The Review now has a typeset text and the new typography enhances the valuable contents.

Beginning with a report on the first public meeting of the SIS, held on March 19th at the Univ. of Leeds and dealing with the theme "Velikovsky and History," the SIS Review next presents a most important article by Roy Mackinnon on "The Inexact Science of Radiometric Dating". Mackinnon's lengthy discourse is an excellent pendant to Juergens' paper on "Radiohalos and Earth History". (Mackinnon makes one noticeable error, however, in thinking that Velikovsky ascribes a supernova phase to Saturn's earlier history. Actually, Velikovsky has discussed Saturn as once being a nova and nothing more. Otherwise, Mackinnon's article is an eye-opening mine of information.)

"A Further Note on the Archaeology of Jericho" by John Bimson independently parallels and complements Velikovsky's own previous article on Jericho.

KRONOS' Zvi Rix contributes a brief but psychologically incisive essay on the significance and meaning of androgynous characteristics found in various deities.

A Supplement outlining the basics of the revised chronology, the untenable aspects of conventional chronology, and recent evidence supporting the revised chronology rounds out this latest issue of the SIS Review.

Future articles scheduled to appear are: "Senmut and Typhon," "Worlds in Collision and the Birth of Monotheism," "The Evidence of Radiocarbon Dates for Cultural Change," and "Leviathan - Dragon in the Sky".

Subscription and Associate Membership cost (which includes the SIS Review) is $14.00 for overseas surface mail and $17.00 for overseas airmail. Readers of KRONOS are encouraged to write to R. M. Amelan, 6 Jersey House, Cotton Lane, Manchester 20 ENGLAND for subscription information.

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