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KRONOS Vol II, No. 4

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An up-to-date, well-documented, and highly readable discussion of the theories of Immanuel Velikovsky, as well as their reception by the scientific and academic communities. Containing nine chapters and three appendices, Dr. Ransom's timely book covers a wide range of subjects. From cosmology through ancient history, dating methods, geology, collective amnesia, and "the Velikovsky Affair," the reader is taken on a well-guided tour of Immanuel Velikovsky's interdisciplinary synthesis.

Designed for the layman, student, and specialist alike, Dr. Ransom provides the first genuine textbook on Velikovsky and his work.

The Age of Velikovsky should provide excellent reading for years to come and is highly recommended for classroom usage, in addition to individual purchase. Publisher: KRONOS Press in association with LAR Research and Publishing. Distributor: LAR Research & Publishing Co., 5413 Stephanie Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76117.

Available in hard cover only. About 275 pages. Indexed. $10.00 each (post paid). For further information and orders, write to LAR Research & Publishing. 

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