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KRONOS Vol II, No. 4

To the Editor of KRONOS:

On rereading my paper "On the Convection of Electric Charge by the Rotating Earth" (KRONOS, Vol. II, No. 3, p. 12, February 1977), I find that I am guilty of a foolish little error, ironically in a paragraph intended to illustrate the fallacy of another's procedure (bottom, p. 18). The potential of a charged sphere varies, of course, in inverse proportion to the radial distance, not as indicated in my paper - in inverse proportion to the square of the radial distance, from the centre. Therefore, in the example calculation, for an Earth isolated in empty (vacuous) space, the electric potential 1 earth-radius above the surface would be one-half (not one-fourth) that of the surface, or "[5.0] x 1015 volts. The average potential gradient across this part of the void would be [5.0] x 1015/6.4 x 106 = [0.8] x 109 volts per meter."

This correction has no substantive implication for the argument presented at this point in my discussion.

Ralph E. Juergens

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