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Open letter to science editors


KRONOS Vol II, No. 2

September 29, 1976


I offer you my congratulations for having succeeded in creating a quarterly journal in interdisciplinary synthesis, an open arena for discussion and elaboration on the themes first elucidated in my books and articles.

When Pensee (1972-1974) completed the planned ten issues on the theme "Velikovsky Reconsidered ' I made it clear that I would not continue my cooperation as a regular contributor, not only because of a lack of time, but also because of disagreement with certain aspects of their editorial policy.

A new journal was created by you that will, I believe, because of the vigour of conviction that it expresses, reach, as time passes, a wide circulation, especially on college campuses and among independently thinking people.

I intend to provide you with contributions of mine on a regular basis.

I send you ten subscriptions for your magazine, so that I can make some of my friends aware of its existence.

I heartily endorse your publication.

(Signed) Immanuel Velikovsky

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