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KRONOS Vol II, No. 2


Robert W. Bass (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins), Rhodes Scholar, took his doctorate in 1955 under the late Aurel Wintner - then the world's leading authority on celestial mechanics. He undertook three years of post-doctoral research in non-linear mechanics at Princeton under National Medal of Science winner, Solomon Lefschetz. In the late Fifties he developed a new principle in celestial mechanics which not only gives a dynamical explanation for Bode's law but, as shown in 1972 by M. Ovenden, predicts current planetary distances with an average inaccuracy of less than one percent. Currently Dr. Bass is Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University.

John V. Myers (Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina). A specialist in Romance Philology, the late Dr. Myers was formerly Chairman of the Foreign Language Dept., Union Univ. He was also the author of "Jehan de Lanson, chanson de geste of the 13th century," published in Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures. Additionally, Dr. Myers had been a fellow in Arthurian literature - Medieval and Renaissance Institute, Univ. of North Carolina

A. Mann Paterson (Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo); Dr. Paterson is Professor of Philosophy at SUNY-College, Buffalo and is the author of The Infinite Worlds of Giordano Bruno and Francis Bacon and Socialised Science. Professor Paterson has also contributed to the journal Pensee and the book Velikovsky Reconsidered,

Lynn E. Rose (Ph.D., Univ. of Pa.); Dr. Rose is Professor of Philosophy at SUNY-Buffalo and has authored a book on Aristotle as well as a variety of articles in several scholarly journals. Professor Rose has been an associate editor for Pensee and an editorial consultant for the Journal of the History of Philosophy. He is also a major contributor to Velikovsky Reconsidered.

Raymond C. Vaughan (B.S., SUNY-Empire State College); Mr. Vaughan is presently working in the Research and Development DepL of Graphic Controls Corp., Buffalo. He has contributed to the journal Pensee and the book Velikovsky Reconsidered

S. K. Vsekhsvyatskii. Professor Vsekhsvyatskii is presently the head of the faculty of astronomy at the University of Kiev. He has published numerous scholarly articles over the past twenty years dealing with the cosmogony of the various small bodies of the solar system. Prof. Vsekhsvyatskii contributed a paper titled "Indications of the Eruptive Evolution of Planetary Bodies" at the 1974 international symposium Velikovsky and the Recent History of the Solar System - which was read in absentia.

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