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KRONOS Vol II, No. 2


Velikovsky has been the subject of two major television documentaries in Canada and Britain: "Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past," produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; and "Worlds in Collision," produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Canadian film is now in world-wide distribution, and serves as an excellent introduction to Velikovsky and his ideas.

The distributors of "Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past" are as follows:

USA: Archive Flims
770 Pin Oak Road
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15243
Tel. (412) 341-1827

Canada: City Films Ltd.
376 Wellington St. W.
Toronto, Ont. M5V 1E3
Tel. (416) 869-1633
Europe: Visual Programme Systems
21 Great Titchfield St.
London W1P 7AD, U.K.
Tel. 01-580-6201
Australia: D. L. Taffner/Australia
P.O. Box 314
Milsons Point, NSW 2061
Tel. 949-8710

* * * * *

THE SOCIETY FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES has recently published the third issue of the S.I.S. Review. This particular issue is the largest yet and contains a wide variety of informative material.

The leadoff article by John Bimson–"The Conquest of Canaan and the Revised Chronology"– tackles the vexing problem of Bronze Age site destruction in Palestine. Among other things, the author suggests that the violent end of Middle Bronze Age cities "was caused not by Egyptian armies but by the attacks of the incoming Israelites under the leadership of Joshua. Their destruction is correctly to be dated not in the 16th century BC, as at present, but in the latter part of the 15th. With the fall of these cities, the MBA in Palestine comes to an end. The transition from Middle to Late Bronze Age therefore marks the arrival of the Israelites in Canaan."

Students of ancient history in general and the revised chronology in particular should find this article highly provocative and an important contribution to our understanding of Canaanite archaeological problems.

The subject of "Aphrodite–The Moon or Venus?" now finds Peter James and Alfred de Grazia locked in a fascinating debate. De Grazia holds that Aphrodite is to be identified with the Moon and disputes James' earlier identification of Aphrodite with the planet Venus. Nevertheless, James resolutely denies that Aphrodite had anything to do with the Moon and stands firm on his earlier position. It is probably fairly safe to say that the last word has not yet been heard on the matter.

"Electrical processes are generally ignored by astronomers and yet they may succeed in resolving many problems in astrophysics. The simple comparison of the effects of lightning on Earth with those of assumed discharges scaled up to stellar and galactic levels demonstrates the value of this work. The benefits could be of reciprocal value to meteorologists and astronomers." With the preceding statement above the title, Eric Crew presents Part 3 of his stimulating discussion– "Electricity in Astronomy".

Additional material includes a socio-philosophical article by R. G. A. Dolby on the Velikovsky affair and Velikovsky's methodological approach. In reading this article, one may come away with the feeling of 1950 déjà vu and it can only be hoped that some of Dolby's vague generalizations and "biased neutrality" will someday come back to haunt him.

The S. I. S. Review also contains a "Forum" section, "Bookshelf", and "Review Extra". The latter is an important reprint of Dr. C. J. Ransom's list of scientific claims supporting, but not acknowledging, Velikovsky. It first appeared in a 1972 COSMOS & CHRONOS Bulletin.

Subscription and Associate Membership cost (which includes the S. I. S. Review) is initially $16.00 annually and, presently, $12.00 thereafter. For further information, readers are encouraged to write to the SOCIETY FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES, c/o R. M. Amelan, 43 Manor Drive, Manchester 21 ENGLAND. Subscriptions may be purchased directly from the latter.

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