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KRONOS Vol I, No. 3


The Saidye Bronfman Centre of the Montreal YMHA is presenting a series of six lectures dealing with the work of Immanuel Velikovsky to be given every Sunday from October 26 through November 30, 1975. The cost is $25 for the series for members (or $5 per lecture); $35 for nonmembers (or $6 per lecture); $15 for students (or $3 per lecture). The Saidye Bronfman Centre is located at 5170 Cote St. Catherine's Road in Montreal. The six speakers and their topics are:

1) Earl Milton "Velikovsky and Astronomy"
2) Israel M. Isaacson "Velikovsky and Archaeology"
3) Jan Terasmae "Velikovsky and Geology"
4) Robert W. Bass "Velikovsky and Physics"
5) Bernard Grad "Velikovsky and Scientific Objectivity"
6) Irving Wolfe "Velikovsky and Creative Art"

Professor H. C. Dudley of the Dept. of Medical Radiology, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago, has written a book titled THE MORALITY OF NUCLEAR PLANNING?? which he intends to publish in association with the Center for Velikovskian and Interdisciplinary Studies and KRONOS Press. Scheduled for publication in early 1976.

A chapter entitled "The Third Option" appears in a current issue of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists under the title "The Ultimate Catastrophe". Another chapter entitled "The Personal Tragedy of Albert Einstein" is to be printed in Issue No. 4 of KRONOS.

Purchase inquiries should be addressed to Prof. Warner B. Sizemore, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Glassboro State College, Glassboro, N. J. 08028.

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