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KRONOS Vol. I, Issue 1

Editorial Statement

As we begin the last quarter of the twentieth century, we also embark upon the second twenty-five years of a new direction of interdisciplinary thought, scholarship, and synthesis. For it was twenty-five years ago, that one individual–Immanuel Velikovsky–revived the concept of the Renaissance Man and first openly crossed the artificial boundaries of specialized study in an effort to fathom the riddles of the Cosmos and unravel the tangled web of human endeavor in all its manifold aspects.

KRONOS, Lord of the Universe during that period of time known as the Golden Age; and with KRONOS we hope to inaugurate a second Golden Age of intellectual pursuit whose light will illuminate new paths of scholarship, new insights of thought, new methods of inquiry.

May KRONOS serve as an inspiring beacon to all who would ask fundamental questions concerning the established precepts of knowledge. Assuredly, for those who seek, the truth of all things stands to be revealed as one by one the Muses are unveiled and Time tenaciously but inevitably her secrets yield.

With its raison d'etre made obvious, no further explanation nor apologia is necessary. Thus we present KRONOS, a journal of interdisciplinary synthesis, whose initial contents are dedicated to Immanuel Velikovsky–progenitor and inspirational force for the ideas contained herein*

*The views expressed by the authors in this journal are their own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinions nor that of Dr. Velikovsky. - The Ed.

KRONOS, an independent, non profit quarterly
Published by KRONOS PRESS


Page 81, line 15 for obivous, read obvious
line 19 read: obvious–of Homer, Lucretius, and Ovid alone. I have in mind the . . . [Other minor typographical errors do not alter basic sensibility.]

Page 70, Material taken from: Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell Copyright (c) 1972 by Joseph Campbell. Reprinted by Permission of the Viking Press, Inc.

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