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Journal Back Issues

AEON: A Journal Of Myth and Science
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Following are the table of contents for past issues AEON:

Volume I:1

  • (1) Reconstructing the Saturn Myth, by David Talbott (Offers a summary of the Saturn Thesis, including evidence that Saturn was the ancient sun-god worshipped the world over in countless rites).
  • (2) Venus in Ancient Myth and Language, by Ev Cochrane
  • (3) Apollo and the Planet Mars, by Ev Cochrane(A detailed analysis of the cult of the Greek god in light of comparative mythology and archaeoastronomical traditions. Evidence is presented that Apollo is best understood as a personification of the planet Mars)
  • (4) The Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion, by Charles Ginenthal
  • (5) Solar System Studies, by Fred Hall
  • (6) Road to Saturn, by Dwardu Cardona

Volume I:2

  • (1) Reopening the Sumerian Question, by Jan Sammer
  • (2) Heinsohn, Velikovsky, and the Revised Chronology, by Clark Whelton(this issue features discussion of the revolutionary historical reconstruction offered by Gunnar Heinsohn, professor of economics at Bremen. Heinsohn argues that conventional history is out of order by several millennia, the Sumerians actually living in the middle of the first millennium bce).
  • (3) The Chaldeans of Sumer, by Martin Sieff
  • (4) Did the Sumerians and the Akkadians Ever Exist?, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (5) Stars, Galaxies, and Electro-Gravitic Theory, by Charles Ginenthal
  • (6) Velikovsky and the Problem of Planetary Identification, by Ev Cochrane
  • (7) On Testing the Polar Configuration, by David Talbott

Volume 1:3

  • (1) The Solar System and Electro-Gravitic Theory, by Charles Ginenthal
  • (2) Is Gravity Necessary?, by Earl Milton
  • (3) On the Nature of Natural Selection and Speciation, by James Strickling
  • (4) The Unworkable Polar Saturn, by Roger Ashton
  • (5) The Ship of Heaven, by David Talbott
  • (6) Venus in Ancient Myth and Science: Part II, by Ev Cochrane
  • (7) Road to Saturn: Part II, by Dwardu Cardona

Volume I:4

  • (1) On Models and Scenarios, by David Talbott
  • (2) Solar System Studies: Part II, by Fred Hall
  • (3) The Polar Column: A Physical Model of Myth, by Fred Jueneman
  • (4) The Saturn Myth: A Tentative Physical Model, by Robert Driscoll
  • (5) Mars in Upheaval, by Charles Ginenthal
  • (6) The Organization of the Solar System, by Don Patten and Samuel Windsor
  • (7) Heracles and the Planet Mars, by Ev Cochrane(argues that the traditions surrounding the Greek hero are best understood as reflecting ancient conceptions associated with the planet Mars).
  • (8) The Israelite Conquest of Canaan, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (9) The Hyksos were not Assyrians, by Martin Sieff

Volume I:5

  • (1) The Two Sargons and Their Successors, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (2) Mother Goddess and Warrior-Hero, by David Talbott
  • (3) The Poem of Erra, by Ev Cochrane
  • (4) The Hermes Connection
  • (5) The Organization of the Solar System: Part Two, by Don Patten and Samuel Windsor

Volume 1:6

  • (1) The Youthful Atmosphere of Venus, by Charles Ginenthal
  • (2) Velikovsky and Oedipus, by Ev Cochrane(a critical analysis of Velikovsky's book Oedipus and Akhnaton, featuring an overview of Oedipus's cult in the light of comparative mythology)
  • (3) On Saturn and the North Pole, by Lynn Rose
  • (4) Velikovsky, Fundamentalism, and the Revised Chronology, by Clark Whelton
  • (5) The Stratigraphy of Bahrein: An Answer to Critics, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (6) Egytian Chronology and the Hyksos, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (7) The Two Sargons and their Successors, by Dwardu Cardona

Volume II:1

  • (1) Viva Lamarck, by Ev Cochrane (Historical overview of Lamarck's theory of evolution including evidence favoring the inheritance of acquired characteristics).
  • (2) A Chronological Note on the Kassites, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (3) On the Orientation of Ancient Temples and other Anomalies, by Raphael Kazmann.
  • (4) Saxl's Pendulum, by Leroy Ellenberger
  • (5) Pendulums and Sunspots, by Charles Ginenthal
  • (6) The 108-Year Cyclicism of Ancient Catastrophes, by Don Patten
  • (7) The Reconstruction of Cosmic History, by Dwardu Cardona

Volume II:3

  • (1) The Birth of Athena, by Ev Cochrane (investigation of the cult of the warrior-goddess in comparative myth. Includes analysis of the traditions associated with Inanna, Ishtar, Kali, Anat, and others).
  • (2) Velikovsky's Martian Catastrophes, by Dwardu Cardona(a critique of Velikovsky's placement of the Mars-events in Worlds in Collision).
  • (3) Pleiongaea: A Myth for all Seasons, by Fred Jueneman
  • (4) Chronology of Lyres, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (5) Greek History Begins in the Sixth Century BCE, by Benny Peiser
  • (6) Clashing Magnetic Fields, by Don Patten

Volume II:4

  • (1) The Afar Triangle as the Nether Reaches of Eden and Babel, by Lynn Rose
  • (2) The Mythical History of the Comet Venus, by David Talbott
  • (3) Indra: A Case Study in Comparative Mythology, by Ev Cochrane(a detailed analysis of the traditions surrounding the Vedic war-god. Evidence is presented that Indra's cult is best interpreted as reflecting ancient conceptions associated with the planet Mars).
  • (4) The Methodology of Patten's Martian Scenario, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (5) Old Babylonian and Persian Terra-Cotta Reliefs, by Gunnar Heinsohn


  • (1) Intimations of an Alien Sky, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (2) Timna and Egyptian Dates, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (3) Some Comments on Heinsohn's Revised Chronology, by William Stiebing.
  • (4) The Death of Heracles, by Ev Cochrane
  • (5) Redshift, by Fred Jueneman 

Volume III:1

  • (1) The Jewish Science of Immanuel Velikovsky: Part Two, by Duane Vorhees
  • (2) Velikovsky: A Personal Perspective, by Fred Jueneman
  • (3) The Fracture Zones in Deep Polar Ice Cores, by Lynn Rose
  • (4) The Surface of Venus, by Charles Ginenthal(Ginenthal presents a wealth of evidence suggesting that Venus only recent experienced a catastrophe of unprecedented scale).
  • (5) A Velikovsky Potpourri, by Leroy Ellenberger(Velikovsky's most persistent critic offers a summary of the evidence against the thesis presented in Worlds in Collision)
  • (6) A Personal Memoir, by Warner Sizemore
  • (7) Venus and the Jubilee, by Bernard Newgrosh
  • (8) Towards a Science of Mythology, by Ev Cochrane

Volume III:2

  • (1) Astral Kingship, by Lewis Greenberg
  • (2) Velikovsky's Dreamwork, by Duane Vorhees
  • (3) Is the Universe Finite?, by Fred Jueneman
  • (4) Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art, by Ev Cochrane(a survey of rock art shows that "pictures" of the ancient sun-god are impossible to reconcile with the current appearance of the sun. Evidence is presented that neolithic rock art accurately portrays the image presented by the polar configuration).
  • (5) Baal-Manzer the Tyrian: A Reappraisal, by Brad Aaronson
  • (6) Who Were the Assyrians of the Persian Period?, by Gunnar Heinsohn

Volume III:3

  • (1) From Myth to Physical Model, by David Talbott(The author of The Saturn Myth presents a discussion of the Saturn-thesis in the light of space age findings and models designed to account for the bizarre grouping of planets required by the theory).
  • (2) A Proposed Model for the Polar Configuration, by Bob Grubaugh
  • (3) Darkness and the Deep, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (4) Indra's Theft of the Sun-God's Wheel, by Ev Cochrane
  • (5) Velikovsky and Racial Memory, by Duane Vorhees
  • (6) Astronomical Dating and Calendrics, by Gunnar Heinsohn

Volume III:4

  • (1) The Lord of Light, by Lewis Greenberg
  • (2) Thanatos and Anastasis, by Lewis Greenberg
  • (3) Velikovsky in America, by Duane Vorhees
  • (4) On Mars and Pestilence, by Ev Cochrane(evidence is presented that the association of the red planet with war, death, and pestilence is universal in extent, reflecting spectacular cataclysms involving Mars).
  • (5) Psychoceramics, by Fred Jueneman

Volume III:5

  • (1) The Great Comet Venus, by David Talbott (Talbott presents a wealth of evidence suggesting that Venus only recently presented a comet-like appearance).
  • (2) The Evolution of the Cosmogonic Egg, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (3) The Beginning of Time, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (4) Sothis and the Morning Star in the Egyptian Pyramid Texts, by Ev Cochrane

Volume III:6

  • (1) A Dynamical Objection to Grubaugh's Model, by Victor Slabinski
  • (2) Worlds in Collision: Reviews and Reviewers, by Duane Vorhees
  • (3) The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel, by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • (4) The Saturn Thesis: Questions and Answers, by David Talbott
  • (5) On Dragons and Red Dwarves, by Ev Cochrane(the dragon-combat in the light of comparative mythology. A widespread motive features a dwarfish hero said to enter the dragon's belly only to swell greatly in size while turning bright red. Evidence is presented that the episode of the dragon-combat commemorates spectacular events associated with the planet Mars).

Volume IV:1

  • (1) Morning Star, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (2) Mars Gods of the New World, by Ev Cochrane
  • (3) Paired Sets in the Hebrew Alphabet, by Brian Stross

Volume IV:2

  • (1) Magnetic Models of the Polar Configuration, by Robert Driscoll
  • (2) Janus, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (3) Morning Star: Part Two, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (4) Martian Meteorites in Ancient Myth and Modern Science, by Ev Cochrane(Rocks from the red planet have been found on the planet Earth. How did they come to get here and when? Evidence is presented that the Martian meteorites arrived only recently and in great numbers, this thesis being diametrically opposed to that defended by orthodox astronomy).
  • (5) A General Introduction to Amazon Mythology, by Tammy Joe Eckhart
  • (6) The Origin of Language, by James Strickling
  • (7) Remembering Velikovsky, by Martin Sieff.

Volume IV:3

  • (1) The Saturn Thesis, by David Talbott.
  • (2) Lamarckism: Still Alive and Thriving: An Interview with Ted Steele.
  • (3) Racial Memory and Instinct: The Case of the Honeyguide, by Ev Cochrane.
  • (4) A Renaissance Saturn, by Maureen Pelta.
  • (5) Let There Be Darkness: An Archetypal Analysis of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich, by Lewis Greenberg.

Volume IV:4

  • (1) The Reflective Canopy Model and the Mytho-Historical Record, by Dwardu Cardona.
  • (2) The Milky Way in Ancient Myth and Religion, by Ev Cochrane.
  • (3) The Reality of Extinctions, by Peter James.
  • (4) Whence Homo?, by James Strickling.
  • (5) Alexander and the Amazons: Ancient Belief and Modern Analysis, by Tammy Jo Eckhart.

Volume IV:5

  • (1) Stability and Dimensions of the Polar Configuration, by Robert Driscoll.
  • (2) The Cosmic Origin of the Swastika, by Dwardu Cardona.
  • (3) The Saturn Thesis (Part 2), by David Talbott.
  • (4) Mons Veneris, by Ev Cochrane.
  • (5) The Rise of Blood Sacrifice, by Gunnar Heinsohn.
  • (6) Peruvian Heart, by Fred Jueneman.

Volume IV:6

  • (1) On the Possibility of Instantaneous Shifts of the Poles, by Flavio Barbiero.
  • (2) The Terrestrial Sea: A Critical Model of Science and Myth, by Fred Jueneman.
  • (3) The Saturn Thesis (Part 3), by David Talbott.
  • (4) Samson Revealed by, Ev Cochrane.
  • (5) The Shrine of Baal-Zephon, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (6) Stonehenge: Temple of the Moon, by Alban Wall.

Volume V:1

  • (1) Circling the Rings, by Henry Zemel.
  • (2) Quantalism: The Big Picture, by Roger Wescott.
  • (3) The Saturn Thesis (Part 4), by David Talbott.
  • (4) Stairway to Heaven, by Ev Cochrane.
  • (5) The Mixtec Tree of Origin, by Ken Moss.
  • (6) Testing Rohl's Test of Time, by Dale Murphie.

Volume V:2

  • (1) Anhydride Theory: A New Theory of How Petroleum and Coal are Generated, by C. Warren Hunt.
  • (2) Pterodactyls in the Mesozoic by Fred Jueneman.
  • (3) Saturn and the Flood: The Ice-Core Evidence, by Sean Mewhinney.
  • (4) Aphrodite Urania, by Ev Cochrane.
  • (5) Ancient Greeks in America.
  • (6) Lucid Dreaming and Visualization Techniques in The Sacred Tales of Aelius Aristides, by David Leinweber.
  • (7) The Last Supper, by Dwardu Cardona.

Volume V:3

  • (1)Darwin's Dangerous Idea, by Fred Jueneman
  • (2)Changing Sea Levels, by Gordon Williams
  • (3)Charting Imaginary Worlds: Pole Shifts, Ice Sheets, and Ancient Sea Kings, by Sean Mewhinney
  • (4)The Female Star, by Ev Cochrane
  • (1)The Mosaic Calendar and the Sabbath, by Eric Aitchison
  • (5)After 200 years it's time to get serious about Dynasty XVIII and Thutmose III, by Dale Murphie
  • (6)The Age of Purple Darkness, by Roger Ashton

Volume V:4

  • (1)Numerical Distances of Planetary Distances in a Polar Model, by Emilio Spedicato
  • (2)A Return to the Two Sargons and Their Successors, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (3)Heinsohn's "Ancient History", by Ev Cochrane
  • (4)Confessions of a Cenoist, by Henry Zemel

Volume V:5

  • (1)Stellar Spectra, by Earl Milton
  • (2)Stars in an Electric Universe, by Wal Thornhill
  • (3)The Eye Goddess, by Ev Cochrane
  • (4)Typhon and the Comet of the Exodus, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (5)The "Timna" Test, by Dale Murphie

Volume V:6

  • (1)Dynamical Equilibrium of a Collinear Planetary System, by Emilio Spedicato & Antonio Del Popolo
  • (2)The Day Star, by Ev Cochrane
  • (3)Antiquated Textbooks: Rediscovering the Solar System, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (4)Thutmose III—A Different Perspective, by Eric Aitchison
  • (5)The Use of the 7-Base Measuring System in Ancient Britain and the Continent, by Alban Wall
  • (6)Paradise: The Lost Frontier, by Gunnar Thompson

Volume VI:1

  • (1)Extra-Solar Planets: An update, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (2)The Electric Saturnian System, by Wallace Thornhill
  • (3)The Demands of the Saturnian Configuration Theory, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (4)Mayan Cosmos: A Saturnian Interpretation, by Ken Moss
  • (5)Thundergods and Thunderbolts, by Ev Cochrane

Volume VI:2

  • (1)The Velikovsky Archive, by Jan Sammer
  • (2)The Garden of Venus, by Ev Cochrane
  • (3)The Double Axe and the Celestial Twins, by Marinus van der Sluijs
  • (4)Puritanism, Misogyny, and Female Sexuality, by E. J. Bond
  • (5)Homer in the Baltic, by Felice Vinci

Volume VI:3

  • (1)Halton Arp: A Modern Day Galilieo, by Amy Acheson
  • (2)In Defense of the Saturn Theory, by Dwardu Cardona
  • (3)Maya Cosmos: A Saturnian Interpretation (Part II), by Ken Moss
  • (4)Sky Woman, by Ev Cochrane
  • (5)The Hero's Garment, by Marinus van der Sluijs
  • (6)Forget Amnesia, by Henry Zemel

Volume VI:4

  • (1)Woolfe Creek Crater: Some Recent Geophysical Data, by Louis A G Hissink
  • (2)The Cosmic String of Pearls, by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
  • (3)Heracles as a Cross-Dresser, by Ev Cochrane
  • (4)The Opening of the Mouth Ritual - Part I, by Ken Moss
  • (5)Mount Horeb and Judah's Sacred Treasures, by Flavio Barbiero
  • (6)The Calendar, by Eric Aitchison

Volume VI:5

  • (1)To Begin the World Over Again, by Mel Acheson
  • (2)Prelude to Creation, by Dwardu Cardon
  • (3)Ladder to Heaven, by Ev Cochrane
  • (4)The Cosmic Double Helix, by Marinous Anthony van der Sluijs
  • (5)The Opening of the Mouth Ritual—Part II, by Ken Moss
  • (6)Thorium Enrichment in Crater Rims: Earth and Moon, by Amy Acheson

Volume VI:6

  • (1)Falling Star, by Ev Cochrane - Comparative Myths, mainly from North American Indians, concerning the fall of Star Woman, her association with the Warrior Hero, and their unifying cosmic relations.
  • (2)The Opening of the Mouth Ritual—Part II, by Ken Moss
  • (3)Citing the Work of Others: A Critique by Lewis M. Greenberg
  • (4)Science, Technology and the Chronology of the Ancient World by Trevor Palmer
  • (5)Sins of the Father by Ev Cochrane
  • (6)Pillars of Straw by Dwardu Cardona
  • (7)Egyptian Influence upon Early Israelite Literature by Jay D'Ambrosio

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