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Memories & Visions of Paradise
Richard Heinberg

The Spiritual Heritage and Destiny of Mankind

Scholars have long known of the universal myth of a perhistoric paradise in which godlike human beings knew oneness with cosmos and nature. Though the paradise myth has been a powerful symbol in the human mass subconscious, it has usually been approached either on the basis of religious faith or of a scientific analysis and denial.

In this concise yet significant volume mankind's memories and prophecies of paradise are offered at face value as the most urgent and persistent message of our remote ancestors.

Memories and Visions of Paradise is at once a restatement of mankind's earliest utterances, and a revelation of the most powerful collective subconscious drives at work in our modern world.

Available in quality-stitched softcover.

The Amazing, astonishingly accurate

Stonehenge Lunar-Solar Calendar

Now you not only can learn the purpose of the mysterious ancient stone structure in southwestern England, but you will be able to demonstrate to your own satisfaction that the monument was an operational calendar that correlated lunar months with solar years over the 19-year period of the Metonic cycle.

Printed on green 10" bt 14" parchtext paper, this stylized schematic is perfect for framing as an ideal conversation piece, and has accompanying text which explains the evolution and operation of the calendar in detail.

The Stonehenge Calendar

$3.75 N. America, $4.50 overseas.

PO Box 95, Mountaintop, PA 18707. USA.

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