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HORUS VOL I. Issue 3

Horus Introduces the ISCBM Board of Directors

[*!* Image]

David Griffard, Pres., ISCBM.

(B.A., Thiel College, M.S., Ph.D., Univ. of Pittsburgh). [Previous military service, Petty officer 3 c, radioman, U.S. Navy] Dr. Griffard currently is a professor of psychology in the Behavioral Sciences Department at the Community College of Allegheny County. He formerly served as chairman for the department. His research has been published in Science, the journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, and Inquiry. His laboratory work also has been reviewed in the Annual Review of Psychology. Since 1974, Dr. Griffard has served as an editor for the journal, KRONOS, and has contributed several articles to this publication, specializing in the application of psychological principles to archaeoastronomy and to the theoretical concept of collective amnesia in psychoanalysis. In 1977 he was promoted to Senior Editor on the staff. He was the principle incorporator of ISCBM, is president of the Board of Directors, and the Editor of HORUS. He has traveled extensively in the Orient, the Pacific, Egypt, the Sinai, Greece, Mesoamerica, South America and the United States to study and photograph significant archaeological sites of the ancient world. He has organized and escorted several ISCBM EduTours to Egypt and the Yucatan and will co-host the November EduTour of the Yucatan. He is a pilot, and an accomplished musician and composer.

[*!* Image]

John C.Eskridge, Sec., ISCBM.

(B.A., M.A., Duquesne Univ., D.D. [Honorary], Ph.D., Pacific Southern Univ.) Dr. Eskridge currently is a Professor of Philosophy at Community College of Allegheny County and Chairman of the Department of Language, Philosophy and Education. He is a member of several professional associations and has received special awards e.g. Faculty B--Ribbon Award, Faculty Member of the Year Award (twice) for his academic and community service. He was review editor for the Random House text on "Death and Dying" and for Merrill's basic philosophy text, now in the 5th edition. He has been a frequent guest on radio and television shows related to the topics of religion, African heritage, ethics and educational travel; he also has been featured in articles for academic professionals and in local profile magazines. He served for two years as host and producer of a television program for children (NBC, Pittsburgh) and currently is a producer of Cultural Events for colleges and civic groups. He is also an accomplished jazz musician, performing regularly in concerts and nightclubs, and is a published poet and choreographer as well. Dr. Eskridge has served on the ISCBM Board of Directors since its incorporation. He has escorted or co-escorted several EduTours to the Yucatan, Egypt, and Greece and will co-host the coming November EduTour to the Yucatan.

[*!* Image]

Donald E. Straley

(B. S. in Aviation Technology, Kent State Univ.) Captain Straley began his aviation career as a fighter pilot with the USAF for 5 years flying F 100s and F 105s. He has been a pilot with Frontier Airlines since 1964 and currently is a Boeing 737 Captain based in Denver, where he lives with his wife, Sharon. For many years he has developed an avocational academic interest and knowledge of areas specifically related to the Institute's general focus of study. He has attended formal symposia covering these subjects and is firmly grounded in the literature. He has toured both Egyptian and Mesoamerican archeological sites extensively to gather data for his own research and to confer with other researchers. Captain Straley currently is working on several papers related to catatrophism and ancient history.

[*!* Image]

Charles E. Bowen, Treas., ISCBM.

(B. B. A_ Golden Gate College, M. B. A, Ohio State Univ.) Mr. Bowen has held various positions in the financial operations of businesses for the past twenty-four years and currently is the Asst. Corporate Controller of a large manufacturing firm. His avocation for the past ten years has been the study of Mesoamerican culture and history with particular emphasis on the inscriptions and codices from the Mayan and Central Mexican Plateau areas. In order to develop an understanding of the subject matter more fully, he has visited several archaeological sites in these areas and has read extensively on the subject. He currently is engaged in preparing a translation of a Nahuatl manuscript which contains various myths prevalent at the time of the Conquest. Mr. Bowen was elected to the ISCBM Board of Directors last Spring and, since then, has served as Treasurer.

Alex Marton (B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Houston) Mr. Marton is an electrical engineer who, with his wife, Nancy, currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida. He served in the U. S. Navy as a submariner (4 yrs.) Alex has maintained a longtime interest in the sciences, history, linguistics, and mythology, and has been a member of the ISCBM Board of Directors since its incorporation. He is a published writer and poet, and an accomplished sailor.

[*!* Image]

Donald S. Riggs

(B.S. Ed. B.A. Music, Capital Univ.) Don Riggs is a television host and producer for WPXI -TY (NBC), channel 11, in Pittsburgh. He began his television career in the late forties as a parttime announcer, singer, puppeteer, and film editor at WBNS-TV Columbus. He was brought to Pittsburgh in 1960 to host a live morning show on KDKA-TV which, because of its excellent ratings, ran seven years. His versatile beginnings led to a career as a very respected producer of television specials both locally and nationally. Before joining WPXl-TV, Mr. Riggs produced and hosted several programs for WQED-TV and the Public Broadcasting System. His "Close-Up" series achieved the highest audience rating of any locally produced cultural series in Public Broadcasting. For PBS, Mr. Riggs produced "Pittsburgh : A Festival of Folk" which received Golden Quill and AFTRA Awards for excellence and was selected by the U.S. Information Agency for worldwide distribution. Mr. Riggs' award-winning documentaries for WPXl-TV are many and varied. He values particularly additional awards from The Freedoms Foundation, Sigma Delta Chi, American Aviation and Space Writers Assn., and other national and local organizations. But his favorite production has never won an award "Velikovsky!" a conversation with and a special program about Immanuel Velikovsky. It was, as he describes it, "permanently inspiring." (See article, this issue.) Mr. Riggs is a founding member of the ISCBM Board of Directors. He also serves on the boards of the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, the Phipps Conservatory Friends, the International Poetry Forum, and the Pittsburgh Patriots Coalition. An accomplished pilot, Mr. Riggs belongs to the Aero Club of Pittsburgh, the Experimental Aircraft Assn., and many other aviation related organizations. He and his wife, Joanne, reside in Pittsburgh.

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