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HORUS VOL I. Issue 1

In Memoriam: F. Thomas Lowery

We dedicate this issue to the memory of F. Thomas Lowery, a founding member of the Institute and a good friend for many years. His spirit of open inquiry into the controversies of contemporary science and his helping hand to those who shared his interests will be remembered with gratitude


"Half of what we have taught you is wrong and we don't
know which half. It is your job now to find out."

(from a recent commencement address at a major university.)

Dear Friends,

Can we shed the preconceptions regarding nature hammered in to us by many years of formal education, and mentally put ourselves in the shoes of the ancients, or for that matter, even in the cultures of medieval times? This question has dominated my thinking for many years, and I have come to the conclusion that, despite the conventional wisdom much more is possible than we have dared to dream. The principles involved are simple and straightforward, but we have become so conditioned by the complex conventions of our culture that we typically overlook the ingenuity of ancient thought. We seek to communicate some of the principles of ancient natural science in the pages of HORUS.

Galileo knew full well that the geocentric view of the universe which he was teaching was wrong, and dared not promote the Copernican system until the advent of the telescope; and even then many refused to see what he saw. But he struck a telling blow when he presented his arguments for the Copernican system in his "Dialogue on the Great World Systems" which was written in Italian and was addressed to the intelligent layman. Had he not broken with the academic tradition of writing in Latin, his efforts would have been in vain. Likewise HORU5 seeks to open new perspectives on the ancient world in language that avoids the "Latin" of modern specialization. We invite our readers to look again at the forgotten worlds that spawned our own and seek to know more clearly the message from the ancient mind.

William James Douglas
managing editor

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