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HORUS VOL I. Issue 1


Temple of the Giant Jaguar

Tikal, hidden in the jungles of the Petén region of Guatemala until it become well known in the late 19th century, Is one of the largest and oldest of Mayan sites. Though dated at 292 AD, there Is evidence of activity In the area as early as 600 BC. The complex of pyramids found there bow witness to a sophisticated knowledge of geometry and astronomy. The Temple of the Giant Jaguar consists of nine tiers, topped by a temple platform. The face of each tier has a slope of 72, making the pyramid appear steeper than its 60. But why 72, the angle of the pentagram? And why nine tiers, the number of Lords of the Underworld?

The latitude of Tikal is such that near the equinoxes (March 21 and September 21) the noon sun grazes the Northern sloped tier faces, which face the North Star. As with many other ancient sites, the location of Tikal has cosmological significance.

Nine is astronomically significant, as there we 9 * 9 = 8 1 synodic periods of the moon (29.53 days) in the period of 11960 days, which was fundamental in the Mayan Dresden Codex for eclipse computations, and In Chinese astronomy.

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