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The Third Story: Mikamar is concerned with the Third Story

Somewhere between "God spoke, and it was so" and the "millions and billions of years" of gradualism is the truth. This Third Story, radically different from both the religious and the academic ones, listens to our ancient ancestors giving us an account of planetary catastrophism delivered by electrical interactions in relatively recent times. This Third Story challenges the incredible modern mythology that relies on vast amounts of time to resolve the most fundamental issues and gives us such sensational, outlandish constructs such as the big bang, black holes, dark matter, dark energy, false vacuums, string theory, etc. This Third Story draws much from modern space exploration, geology, and the plasma laboratory, and is faithful to a synthesis educated by all the scientific disciplines, including human psychology.

See: The Third Story
See: Seeking the Third Story DVD

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Truth or Fiction

This site is for those that have both two perceiving functionalities, sensing and intuition, and two judgment functionalities, thinking and feeling, and, have a significant feeling that something big is missing in the world views and understanding of the past by both religion and modern academia.

See: Challenging the Modern Mythology

Mission Statement

Mikamar Publishing is not just selling miscellaneous books and products on the Internet. As part of our dedication to shedding light on the reconstruction of our catastrophic past, we are restricting our product line to conform with this framework in conjunction with plasma science and the Electric Universe paradigm.  Even though we cannot endorse all of the content that may be included, every product in our list has significant information that will help the dedicated student develop a crucial understanding of how we got to where we are now. Most people will want to approach this development via a foundation of "hard science" that makes the ancient catastrophe accounts possible, hence an emphasis on the charged plasma cosmos featured by the www.thunderbolts.info website.

Visit our store for Educational products supporting the Electric Universe and the Reconstruction of Ancient Times

Latest NASA findings refute planetary nebular hypothesis and indicate that
Solar System planets have been captured.

Foundational documentary DVD Available

Search: In Saturn's Shadow DVD      $16.00

This is a foundational documentary of an interview of David Talbott and Michael Armstrong as they introduce the reconstruction of ancient times. This reconstruction is built around the Earth's association with Saturn as its original sun and "God" for the human race.

Solar Polarity Reversal Article
Professor of EE Don Scott has written a simple, yet definitive paper on electric currents and magnetism that explains the magnetic polarity reversals that we see on the sun, including the 11 year cycle of the overall magnetic polarity of the sun. See: Electric Currents PDF

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Mikamar Features Page
Features page has dynamite links, articles, and miscellaneous.

Still one of the ten best science books, The Electric Sky, by Author/Professor Don Scott.

A Touch of Philosophy by the Webmaster

"If there is any one way to confess one's own mediocrity, it is the willingness to place one's work in the absolute power of a group, particularly a group of one's professional colleagues. Of any form of tyranny, this is the worst; it is directed against a single human attribute: the mind–and against a single enemy: the innovator.
     The innovator, by definition, is the man who challenges the established practices of his profession. To grant a professional monopoly to any group, is to sacrifice human ability and abolish progress; to advocate such a monopoly, is to confess that one has nothing to sacrifice." - Ayn Rand, "The Return of the Primitive"

Article on the geology of Niagara Falls area
Article on the EU understanding of redshift.

A few words about Paradigms

If there is any one short article that chronicles how deep into mystical imaginary constructs modern cosmology has gone it might be:

A Galactic Fairy ring

Hypocrisy  A comprehensive list with which everyone should familiarize themselves.  Definitions of invalid argument terms and techniques that are used to divert dialogue about, discussion of, or the search for the truth.

Can We Agree? A list of questions that might help improve discussion and generate more light and less heat.

ISEEC Knowledge Types  The five categories of knowledge and their descending level of reliability.

Used Books
used books  A changing and updated list of used books pertaining to catastrophism and ancient times.

We Buy Used Books
Mikamar buys used catastrophism books and journals such as:
Pensee, Kronos, Aeon, etc., authors such as: Velikovsky, Talbott, Ransom, Jueneman, etc.  Contact us by phone or Email.

Something you can do
Please consider sending the linked "Open Letter" to your newspaper Science Editor

What's new Section______________________

There is a very promising new development in chemical science theory. Chemistry is a "hard" science, that unlike geology, paleontology, cosmology, etc., including much of physical theory, cannot get away with falsity. The laboratory is always there waiting to verify or falsify concepts with tangible results or the lack thereof. For a long time, chemists have had different models to explain different phenomena and findings, which admittedly means that they don't really understand what is going on, but have kept good track of what works. Not so long ago these models numbered 4 or 5 but the number necessary to explain or underpin different phenomena is now up to 30 or more. This is tantamount to chaos and confusion.

Now a model has been developed and proposed that can bring order out of this welter of confusion and inextricable math describing the atomic and molecular realities. The model is simple and elegant and easily visualized, yet promises to enlighten and explain the many disparate aspects of atomic and materials theory. This model is called the Structured Atomic Model or SAM for short. See:

Structured Atomic Model

The Pensee Journals

Selected articles from the Velikovskian

Selected articles from KRONOS

The Horus Journals

Metamorphic Star  (S&H Code - MB)  –$40.00

(Foreign Orders: Must be ordered by itself unless Bulky S&H is chosen)
Author: Dwardu Cardona, 7-1/2"x10" 334 page illustrated softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9772851-7-4
This  book is the fourth in the series–the first three being God Star, Flare Star, and Primordial Star–by the former editor of AEON: A Journal of Myth, Science and Ancient History. The event of the Younger Dryas that followed the warming spell at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age captured the imagination of scientists and laymen during the first decade of the twenty-first century. While the present work deals with the real cause of that occurrence, it is prefaced with additional evidence in favor of the theoretical model advanced in its three prequels in which it is argued that the primordial Earth had basked beneath a different sun than the one that presently shines above us. This previous sun is there shown to have devolved into the present gaseous planet Saturn. The terrestrial devastation and the fear that the upheaval instilled in them, together with their attempt to placate its heavenly source led our ancestors to ritual pacification in their long climb toward a hope-filled faith that ended in religion. Stated so briefly, the above disclosures are bound to evoke adverse reactions among those steeped in the modern mythology. However, those who are prepared to investigate new grounds, will discover another huge cache of integrated evidence presented between the covers of this work.
For complete information see: Metamorphic Star info


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