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Solar System Capture

Excerpt from new "Star" series volume:

What NASA has been discovering is flinging past theories of the Solar System’s formation into chaos. While the Administration’s Genesis Spacecraft discovered that the System’s inner planets, including Earth, do not contain the same ratios of oxygen and nitrogen as the Sun, the Interstellar Boundary Explorer—IBEX for short—found that the gases contained within the entire Solar System are different from those outside its boundaries.

David McComas is of the opinion that what IBEX brought to light could mean that the Solar System, including Earth, came into being in a different part of the galaxy than the one in which it is presently located. These findings supported the inferences derived from the composition of the Allende meteorite that landed in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1969. The calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions that this meteorite contains are held to be the oldest substances in the Solar System that could only have formed far away from where the Sun presently sits.

On the other hand, Kevin McKeegan is quite confident that what the information acquired by the Genesis Spacecraft implies is that Earth did not form out of the same nebulous material that created the Sun.”

Bernard Marty, co-investigator of the Genesis discoveries, is of the same opinion. What the Genesis findings indicate, as far as he is concerned, is that “all solar system objects including the terrestrial planets, meteorites and comets are anomalous” when “compared to the initial composition of the nebula from which the solar system formed.”

What the above boils down to is that, while the Sun seems to have shifted its location within the Milky Way galaxy, some of its members, including Earth, had to have been captured into its chaotic family even later.

The Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, which is known to be presently slicing right through our Milky Way, continues to acquire notoriety while this book is being written. It is now no longer thought that the interaction of these two galaxies is the result of a single merger. Sagittarius, it is now believed, “has careened twice through our much larger home galaxy…and is lined up to do it again.” But, while noting that the smaller galaxy is “being ripped apart,” astrophysicists seem to be mostly concerned with the manner in which this so-called collision has affected, and continues to affect, the Milky Way’s spiral arms. Despite the fact that the invading galaxy is slashing right through the very area occupied by our Solar System, which System is better aligned with the invader’s ecliptic plane and axial orientation than with that of the Milky Way, our alien galactic origin continues to be denied.

Dwardu Cardona

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